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  1. I can return it open box same day for a refund so just easy i been working on this $2500 tower for so long at this point i just want it to post and update so i can move on with my life
  2. To make this short I'm in the same boat buddy I'm building from scratch and had all my parts last night and I'm using the 570x tuf board. would not post and was telling me was a dram problem. I'm currently running the new 64GB in my current tower as we speak so its not that. Everything comes on and everything seems to work so my last guess is the 570x needs a bios update but the 570x cant flash bios. My last guess is the CUP. I have a 5900X the small thing is I run a 1600X in my current rig sooooo cant use it to update the 570X. Now i have to go buy a 3 series to update the 570X to use t
  3. I do audio engineering so I do need the restate to run plugins and DAW when mixing just thought i could get the best of both worlds
  4. I know this has been asked 1000x probably but i have been looking at 60hz all my life So been racking my brain because been looking for a ultrawide at 144HZ but they are all $$$$, but I did find a few and even a ASUS tuff screen that were reasonable in the $499 range but they ran at 100HZ I'm building a gaming computer to last the next couple years and its gonna be a power house. Would sacrificing 144hz < 100HZ really effect my experience in a ultrawide? Dose anyone have a 100HZ ultrawide? how do you like it? I just want a good experience without having to drop 1k for a monitor
  5. there is a PSU section on the forums that will show you what PSU is right for you board, and I Agree some mobos are just more money but when you get up into the 600+ normally your looking at server boards I believe. I went with a full tower because I don't think I will be moving it unless I move my self and I like the added air flow available in the case. I feel you there with e announcements on the CPU in November I have been weighing my options on waiting or not. Even if I do wait till launch of a Ryzen 9 5000x It dose not mean i will get one. I'm a little burned still with the
  6. I have been planning a new PC for a while now and was looking at the X570 tufs that came out with PCI 4.0, but there are good boards like MIS tomahawk if you wanna spend like $50 https://www.newegg.com/asus-tuf-gaming-x570-plus/p/N82E16813119197?Item=N82E16813119197 https://www.newegg.com/msi-mag-x570-tomahawk-wifi/p/N82E16813144310?cm_sp=SearchSuccess-_-INFOCARD-_-570+msi-_-9SIAK7AC0D1537-_-1&Description=570+msi Case in my option is a personal preference. How much room you have? Are you running a full ATX? Do you want portability? And PSU is pret
  7. Hello!! I'm using a CF397 Samsung with a 60hz refresh rate and 8bit depth its been a good little monitor 32" curved was a black Friday special. I wanted to move on to a gamming monitor now knowing a little more. While this is a finr monitor I can tell when I'm trying to run higher resolution games and so on my little CF397 is doing its best. I wanted to ask if its worth it to continue with a curved monitor for gamming or go back to flat? looking to spend max $400 on something around 140hrz and hopefully same 32" if any advice I would love some.
  8. I have always wondered about different mounting techniques like vertical GPUS and Top Mounted PSU and so on. I always want to make the most out of my expansion cards or RGB RAMMMMMMM. (when i eventually get the money to make one) but I think a video on unique and interesting mounting tips would be pretty cool. As i have heard Vertically mounting your GUP is bad? due to air flow? Then why do it? thanks for the read
  9. No worries simply put its the the audio range in which a digital sound wave is read (highs and lows on pitches) so you hear subtle sound details such as percussion and so on for bit depth. sample rate is how often the sound wave is sampled. for example, making a flip book with 20 pages vs the same flip book with 100pages. The one with 100 will have cleaner details and more more information. The more bit rate and sample rate you have the more processing power is required along with high audio converter and or speaker that can display it. You cant run a 4k signal through a non 4k cable for refer
  10. was trying to see what what bit/sample rate output it could run but I didn't see anything on it. most Mobo don't run on professional line level
  11. Budget (including currency): about 2k (banking on Black Friday sales and selling my current PC to offset cost-ish) Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: I mainly want it to run high end audio programs and be able to do 32/24bit depth rate and upwards of 196Hz samples for any audiophiles out there. I also want it to be future proofed for the next 7-8 years give or take for new games and so on. this will be my Xbox/ps5 system. Monitors and peripherals I can acquire later. If any one has any suggestion or an idea to reduce cost to about 1800 I appreciate it
  12. I was lucky it was on clearance at a best buy in a small town in the middle of no were I had to open a credit card with them just to take up the chance. That's the only new thing in my computer I was able to get it in January, but it's starting to show age, also when video doing video editing and audio production its not cutting it and my system freezes or crashes 90% of the time makes it hard to do anything for my production classes exsheshaly now with covid
  13. I submitted like 3 days ago i just wanted to post it here too
  14. Man everyone is posting there submissions on here so guess ill post my cringe of a video lol. I don't expect to win but wanted to put my best foot forward
  15. Man idk if my rig is shity enough I mean its a little bellow mid-tier and only has on fan but i don't think its crap-tastic lol
  16. I'm close to doing a full PC upgrade and the only thing unatonable is a 3080 well duh there no were for anyone. I'm running a MSI 1060 6GB its been a good little card and still working great. how long still we see more 3080s and is it worth waiting or should I just move to a 2060 Super?
  17. About $200 for a board I would not want to go above that and US/Ca, and as long as it can take a beating I'm running on a gigabyte Am350m-Gaming3 board so anything is a upgrade at this point lol
  18. Was looking into going all out and upgrading again and have been drawn to the Asus Tuf Boards (maybe its asthetic thing love me some black and yellow) Im gonna be running hopefully A Ryzen 9 series and a RTX 3080 when i can get my hands on one, but I haven't seen to much on the Tuf boards and my friend lives and dies by gigabyte. If anyone has any info I would love to hear from you :)