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    Ryzen 5 3500
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    Gigabyte B450M DS3H Wi-Fi
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    GSkill RipJaws 3200Mhz 8Gb 1x
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    Gugabyte GT710
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    Maxtor 480Gb SSD, WD1TD, WD 500GB
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    Antec VP550
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    Samsung 32inch Full HD
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    Zebronics Transformer Combo
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    Intex 5.1 Bluetooth
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    Windows 10Pro
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  1. While printing through outlook mail i opened a image to print, while printing it's changing automatically to Landscape mode, I checked my printing preference it's already selected to Portrait mode. When i uncheck the option "LET THE APP CHANGE MY PRINTING PREFERENCE" it's changing to normal portrait mode but when i open another image for printing again it's changing to "LANDSCAPE" how do i permanently disable this option "LET THE APP CHANGE MY PRINTING PREFERENCE"? I tried restart outlook, Restarted computer twice. Checked printing preferences in "DEVICES AN
  2. feeling too bad for u buddy.... hoping you'll get your stuff back...Good luck
  3. Yes! i tried to opening excel directly but nothing happened, then I repaired office 365 and Done!
  4. After updating windows to 19042.685 20H2 all my office 365 files are unable to open in excel format even after right clicking in new option excel is not showing there everything is working fine outlook, word except "excel". I'm scared all my excel files are unable to open, what should i do ? Pls help me with this ... thanks in advanced....
  5. We want to buy a new antivirus for our server, previously we were using "Seqrite Endpoint Security" for our domain server and as well as in application server. last time we got hacked and our data got locked (rensomware) "Seqrite support" were saying we cant do anything you have to wait for our technical team and we waited for two days and they saying "we cant recover your data". All in all i want to know which antivirus would be best for server with best best rensomware protection, best theret detection, best malware detection all in all best...! Price is not an issue. Thanks i
  6. yes, i'am trying to share drives of host machine yes, it is accessible via \\computername
  7. network pc's not showing in windows 10, i don't know what could be the possible reason, but i checked in network and sharing center network discovery was turned on and every possible setting was turned on but still nothing happened. pls help me, tnkxx in advance.