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  1. I just discovered that my motherboard has rgb inside of the io shied. Could it be flashing when I give it power?
  2. Hey all, I built my new pc yesterday and it appears to run perfectly fine. But whenever I flip the on switch on the PSU, A white light can be seen in the io area. Like I said, it runs perfectly fine, but I don't know if this could be a long term issue. Specs: B550 AORUS ELITE AX (rev. 1.0) 5600x zotac 3070 oc 4x8gb G.skill ripjaws corsair tx750m 4000d airflow Viper vpn100 1tb
  3. My local hardware store is having a shipment today made entirety of these two cards. Which should I get? They are the same price. The specific PNY model is the elr8.
  4. But Cyberpunk isn't even supporting raytracing at launch for AMD because of their poor performance. And many new games support dlss, which gives nvidia the lead.
  5. My story is pretty much the same. I've got a 1440p 144hz monitor, so I was initially thinking AMD, since it has a lead in rasterization. But most all of the AAA games that are releasing nowadays have DLSS support and raytracing, which AMD lacks. Any other game I play(tf2, Minecraft java, scp, ect) the 3070 won't have any trouble running at 144hz.
  6. I've seen people online talking about their new nvidia GPUs, but nothing of AMD! Did you actually get one? Did you buy from a scalper? Why are you here instead of playing games on your shiny new silicon? Share your rx 6000 story here!
  7. Yeah it worked after I stared a different game and went back to tf2. I have no idea what was going on.
  8. Just opened scp secret lab to play with some friends and saw it was also capped at 60fps. I'm pretty sure this was working yesterday. I have no idea what is going on. I've already restarted my pc
  9. I was just researching this today for my planned build with a 6800! I found these two seasonic psu's for a pretty reasonable price with good reviews. The gx-650 has more ports and is fully modular. The gm-650 is a bit cheaper with fewer ports and is only partly modular. https://www.newegg.com/seasonic-focus-plus-650-gold-ssr-650fx-650w/p/N82E16817151186?Description=seasonic focus gx-650&cm_re=seasonic_focus gx-650-_-17-151-186-_-Product https://www.newegg.com/seasonic-focus-650-gold-ssr-650fm-650w/p/N82E16817151202?Description=gm 650&cm_re=gm_650-_-17-151-202-_-Pr
  10. That's not a command for tf2. I believe tose are only for csgo.
  11. Do you plan on using the smart functions? If so, connect to your wifi and log into the tv with google. You can then log into any streaming service you like and start watching. If not, plug in your console or Chromecast and switch the tv's input. I think simple is best for this kind of thing!
  12. woops forgot to quote. Yeah thats one of the first things I tried
  13. I recently got a new 144hz monitor which works fine in all other games. But tf2 is capping my framerate at 60hz. Before I switched, I let tf2 run at an unlimited framerate to lower input lag, so it would run around 100hz. I've tried everything: turning off g-sync, using console commands(fps_max 144), going through the nvidia control panel, and turning off full screen optimizations. I want to take advantage of my new display, so I'm welcome to any tech tips! I use: Viotech gft27db(display port) gtx 1660 xeon w3690 16gb of some generic ddr3 1333mhz ram idk w