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  1. Yeah it looks like it's a very deprecated app. I think I'm leaning towards the A7 II regardless right now. Can be had for under $700 pretty easy. Seems like a good deal for a next step up.
  2. The things I was reading were quite old. I just saw one thing mention you couldn't focus it remotely, only trigger the shutter and adjust exposure.
  3. To me, it looks like the only the A7Rii offers smartphone control and the A7ii does not. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm still not convinced that the RP wouldn't be a bad pick even though it doesn't have sensor shift.
  4. I'm not sure I'd have to research it. I figured the sensor size and pixel size play a big part into that and since an APSC sensor is roughly half the size that hurts it a lot. I recall reading that sensor to noise ratio is much higher on the smaller sensors.
  5. Looks like the A7III is hanging north of $1,600 used which is definitely getting beyond my budget. I should probably ask since it's not that easy for me to find... what is the capability of these being controlled by a phone app? Just basic features like focusing/snapping a picture would really all I'm looking for.
  6. I take it the main difference between the A7RII and the A7III are the sensors, which gives the A7RII an advantage for being able to crop/etc?
  7. Might be a dumb question but where is a good place to get them used? Is it just an eBay kind of thing or is there something better out there? The (used) A7RII looks pretty appealing in comparison to the RF for about the same price. If I go with a Sony, what do you recommend for a standard zoom lens? Something like the Sony FE 28-70mm f3.5-f5.6 OSS?
  8. Probably mostly portraits/landscapes/walking around. No real interest in video, if it does it cool. No real interest in sports/high speed stuff. My main reason for targeting a full frame is it seems like it would have better low light performance because of the larger sensor. Currently using a T6i. The main reason I brought up in body stabilization is it seems like it would get you a better shot, at least on paper. I'm not sure how great it really is in comparison to in lens or in body + in lens. In general I'm not as familair with Sony lenses so that's why I'm less comfortable wit
  9. I'm thinking about picking up a mirrorless camera in around the $1000ish range, preferably with a full frame sensor. Initially I was looking at picking up the Canon RP with the RF 24-105mm STM lens. I saw that the Sony Alpha A7 ii is going for a pretty good price right now too, although I'm not sure what lens I would pick up to go with it. The main reason I'm looking for advice, I'm more familiar with Canon but I feel like Sony's in body sensor stabilization might give it an advantage over the RP. What are you thoughts? Are there any others I've overlooked?