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  1. I currently got a 3840x1080p super ultrawide monitor. In games like AC Odyssey, I still play on '7680x2160p' by having dynamic resolution on 200%. This looks way way better than just 1080p. So I would only assume it would look even better on an actual 4k monitor / 2160p monitor. Now, I have experienced that lowering resolution (actual resolution, not dynamic resolution, while keeping the aspect ratio) on a 1080p monitor to 720p looks disgusting, while on a 1440p monitor -> 720p it still looks 'acceptable'. I get that, since 1440p/2=720p fits the amount of pixels better.
  2. I see my definition of resolutions is wrong yes. Will make an edit. But to clarify, if it indeed was not clear, I'm looking for a Curved Ultrawide monitor with something close to ~2160p height.
  3. I see... I did not expect Pricing would be the reason for it... I was expecting something like 'supply/demand' yeah. Which made me think that they would become very popular now, yet not seeing it xd On the other hand, as I now have a 1080p Super Ultrawide... I really dislike a 2 monitor setup. Previous setup was 3 monitor, which is perfect for multitasking, but the Super Ultrawide still beats every other setup for gaming. (just for gaming, super ultrawide is annoying for multitasking, which is why I'm considering the step back to a normal ultrawide, with extra monitors)
  4. Yes that is the monitor I currently have, which is 1080p. But now I'm looking for a 2160p ultrawide (sorry, I see 4k as 2160p...)
  5. Well, for €250-350 there are already many options for 60hz 4k IPS/VA monitors... and of course the higher the price the better the quality of the monitors get. So its not like those are already €1k+ which would make an ultrawide version just Crazy.
  6. Now with the new RTX 3080 release, the gigantic boost in fps allows easy playing on 4k monitors on max settings. So, I'm looking for a Curved Ultrawide monitor now with ~2160p height... but I literally can only find 1 ultrawide monitor with these specification. Which isn't curved. I mean... why aren't there any? And then I'm not even filtering on Hz / colors / other features yet. There must be a reason... who can explain? : ) (edited: ultrawide != widescreen)