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  1. I forgot to say this but this was last week where every 9am - 12 am (yes, this is true, it's scheduled and also random) internet randomly crashes but it does show it is connected and I'm also using an ethernet connection. When I do use my Wi-Fi dongle on the instances of the suddenly outage is that it does connect directly to the internet without any hassle. I cleaned everything now and it's running fine which was weird. I just wanted to know and also take some precautionary measures as to why that happened. As of now, I'm currently using Xarp ARP detection set at bas
  2. ah her device is sending requests time to time to my PC, sorry for the misunderstanding.
  3. In a sense, I just don't want her device to send something to my PC. Instances of reports from Xarp said that her IP was actually sending some requests over and over again to my IP address which my brother said that it might be an ARP spoof attack.
  4. It literally cause several outages on my end. Her app was installed in my PC last time then now we have seperate devices now and sometimes it does like I don't know ARP spoof attack me? There were several instances that Xarp detected her IP address sending a lot of request from my pc and thus my internet for some reason...
  5. it's an ESL teaching app called ClassIn, suddenly why that application runs, my PC's internet dies out suddenly and this happened a while ago when I was fixing on why my PC has like scheduled outages of internet and it was her app that was causing it. Her app was running in my PC last time before I cleaned uninstall the pc.
  6. I just wanted to block her inbound and outbound connections or traffic with my pc because the application that she is using for teaching (ClassIn) causes the internet in my pc to go out suddenly
  7. no no its security reasons, basically her application causes my internet to crash but everyone except me in the house can access internet which is weird.
  8. So I want to block my sister's device's traffic because that causes my pc's internet to crash. How do you do it without using the router and only using built - in programs like windows firewall. (THIS worked with ESET but I had to result on using a firewall that was in my disposal).
  9. That's what I concluded also when I searched about VM's im using eset's trail for now and it works, everything is working fine for 2 days now im thinking of using snort for an IDS like eset's built in IDS protection for possible ARP spoofing would you recommend snort? and paired it with a anti-virus firewall for more protection?
  10. I'll try this out with my brother because he is the one that knows the router's username and password. Thank you for this information ::__:: but do you recommend VM's?
  11. *UPDATE* sorry a bit late, its 12:40 AM as of 28/09/2020 and I also reinstalled windows twice to make sure that there isn't anymore viruses (because my sister used it in a jiffy with her app and we will get into it a bit) basically all of these problems were not caused by ip conflicts or faulty hardware i checked everything from pinging them from in cmd to see if there were any loss ping -t ping and pinging my router's ip address So my sister's app is causing the network to crash which was a Spoof attack
  12. I'll report to this thread upon having another disconnection For some news I used the LAN driver from my mobo's manufacturer and I am going to see if there are anymore problems occuring next. The last driver was from realtek, the 2020 version which did work but still has that occuring disconnection. Next is that I used the mobo's recommended driver from ASUS (Mobo model: H110m-d) and it worked so far. There was however another problem that occured and it was "Ethernet" was not properly configured like that (I forgot the error message), it had problems detec
  13. An application from my sister's tutoring (named acadsoc) was actually denied to access the camera. I didn't see the log files but it is similar to what happened yesterday before I switched to BitDefender is that there were 8 blocked sites(?) from Avast and I am leaning now to the problem that my pc is now prone to dns attacks
  14. I'll let the driver from asus mobo site to run and see if there are any problems tomorrow, ill update this as soon as I see that the internet randomly disconnects though it is connected via ethernet
  15. I used the new drivers fo realtek, the 2020 one and it did work then it came back again I now however install the recommended driver from the mobo's site (ASUS H110m-d) and all I can say is that it worked but im still skeptical on whats goin on wth my os