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  1. Maybe just remove the ssd and boot from an external source
  2. If you didn't enter then you won't win.ROGRIGREBOOT already passed,all they're doing right now is processing and judging it
  3. probably should go back to doing my homework instead of waiting for notifications
  4. I have no life except being on tech forums.
  5. yeah ik but you know the saying,"Unoriginal is always original" (I made that up)
  6. I did one too but the thing is a lot of the winners did it in the previous years.
  7. Ikr its kinda weird but great at the same time.ALSO It is ORIGINAL
  8. try creating your own Linux operating-system.Call it Linus Operating System
  9. i know i'm not going to be in that.I wonder if that tech with shae guy is going to win?