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  1. Sorry in advance if this sounds like a noob question So I am going to build a pc but I am stuck on deciding on which motherboard I should get (MSI Mag B550m Bazooka or gigabyte a520 aorus elite).Tho i also want to know if their vrms are different and which one is more “future proof”. thanks
  2. Hello people Sorry in advance if this sounds like a noob question. So Can the sony x80h tv support 1440p at 120 Hz? Cuz I think I’m going to go with the Xbox series x and see if my tv was compatible, Or not to buy a new tv.
  3. I’ve been trying to find which one is the best, but If I searched them up, there are not a lot of webpages that say about, but if there are they just say each motherboard features but don’t compare them. Also please tell me if there are any differences in vrms.Thanks
  4. I was wondering which is the best one for speed because many youtubers are saying that you have to change your port for better internet but I did a little research online and they say that if you chose the wrong one it might not connect to Xbox live, so pls tell me which is best.
  5. Which of the motherboards do you think has the most features and is the most future proof?
  6. @LJohn0840I Going for a 850 watt because I’m going to do some heavy overclocking,and thanks
  7. @Jason 57thx and the case is kinda light,I seacherd it up online to be sure and it says it weighs 20.3 pounds.(sorry for my bad English)
  8. Energycore the cpu I’m using is the ryzen 7 3700x and the case I’m using is the MPG GUNGNIR 110R
  9. I been trying to find the best one for the motherboard because I going to use it with RTX 3070 gpu so I want one one that at least has 800 wats and is future proof because it really confusing and hard.