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  1. Tried that, didn't help. I have also tried this, no dice unfortunately. It's absolutely an AMD/BIOS problem. I've tried every single fix and every USB port on my mobo and they all act up in game. It's so damn frustrating.
  2. I'm sure this has been brought up, but my board has crazy USB issues. I've read multiple threads stating "fixes" but none of them have worked. I've tried disabling C-state, changing power supply throttle, disabling XMP, manually OC memory, switch ErP (whatever that is) to on and tried every single BIOS version there is, clearing CMOS after every update. USB issues persist through all of that. What the hell am I supposed to do? I can't play a 14 year old game on a brand new system because of mouse issues? This is ridiculous. Anyone have any other ideas, or am I just screwed?
  3. I watched a video on YouTube where someone applied thermal paste all the different ways (on an Intel chip I believe). Literally all of the temps were so close to each other I didn't think a specific method would matter all that much. Maybe it does on AMD CPUs? This why I wanted to discuss lol! Thanks!
  4. I was strongly thinking about Thermal Grizzly. My roommate happened to have the MX-4 so I went with that. Maybe when summer hits I'll try out the Thermal Grizzly. Thanks for the feedback brother!
  5. Yeah I was also under that impression. With my 7600k P95 would hit 95-98 sometimes @ 4.8ghz/1.285v. I'm not even worried about my AMD temps really. I just wanted some feedback from veteran AMD users lol.
  6. I used Arctic MX-4 and I did an X on the CPU. After I got it up and running I was thinking I should have spread the paste. I did NOT want to take the cooler out to reapply though.
  7. I think my last score was 4634 or something close to that in R20. I'm at work on my laptop so can't check ATM. Those temps are about 10-15c cooler than my old CPU was getting with an AIO. Installing the Noctua was a pain in my ass, but very worth it. I think I love the noise levels more than the cooler temps lol.
  8. Hey everyone. I just upgraded my old i5 7600k to a new 5600x. I am loving everything about it so far. I also got rid of my loud AIO in place of a Noctua NH-d15. I am loving both the cooling and the noise level of this cooler. I was just curious what you guys think of my temps? Clock/Volt: 4.7ghz @ 1.25-1.3v using PBO Idle: 36c Prime 95: 83c max for 2 hours Gaming: Depends. WoW private server stays in mid 40's lol. Newer AAA games can get up to the low 70's but never any higher than that and mostly stick in the 50's and 60's. So coming from a hot Intel chi
  9. Hey guys, first time poster here. I have a 1440p 144hz monitor coming to me soon. I'm very excited as this is my first experience over 60hz gaming! My question is how will my older i5 7600k (4.8ghz all core OC) paired with a 2080 Super do with frame rates over 60? I will be upgrading to a next gen Ryzen when they drop so I won't have to deal with this older CPU for too much longer, but I'm just curious if I'll even see frames close to 144hz? Would it suit me better to cap my refresh rate to something lower like 120 or even 100hz? I don't play a lot of shooters (Halo and Destiny 2 occasionally)