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  1. The beep speaker is already in place and it doesn't beep so it seems like the pc Is booting properly, I'll look at the capacitors. Yeah to me it seems like it's the gpu but I've never had any problems with it and I've never used it heavily. Maybe I'll put it in the hoven, I resurrected my 6870 2 times that way
  2. Hi everyone, hope someone could help me. My desktop is pretty old, i-5 2500k, p67 pro3, xfx550w and a more recent 1050ti. Everything was working normally until I decided to rearrange my desk, I unplugged everything, did my thing and plugged the computer back in. BSOD because my bios reverted to default settings and I had to switch again from IDE to AHCI. Done, everything was back to normal again. After a few hours I had to go out so I put my pc in standby for 2hrs. Got back home, pressed random keys on the keyboard to wake up windows and nothing changes ,monitor is still blinki