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  1. Hello everyone! I was hoping to get some tips and opinions on my partpicker list. Any room for improvement? Someone helped me with it in this topic a few months back. So not sure if much has changed in the component world. Also I'm not too sure on the SSD and case fans that I picked. Budget (including currency): €1250 Country: Netherlands / Belgium Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: GTA 5, city skyline, mount and blade bannerlord, Microsoft Office, EPLAN, Other details I'll use my current 1050ti for a while until the 3070 becomes reasonably priced,
  2. Howdy @coffeecake! I only just noticed your comment. And I haven't been able to test your tip yet. But my laptop is docked every time I get this ticking, so the audio is passed trough the dock to my headset. I can try to mute the audio but don't think it will do much since the laptop speakers aren't in use. And the other side of it is that the ticking only happens when I place my laptop in the stand vertically and give it some load. As soon as I take it out of the stand and hold it horizontally, while still docked and under load, the ticking stops. I never get the noise when the laptop is
  3. Hello everyone! I didn't think I was going to need these so soon, but with my new monitors in I struggle with my current peripherals. So I want to spend the money now to upgrade and "never" needing to upgrade again. Budget: €300, Netherlands / Belgium (I might be able to stretch if nothing comes up in this price range) What: Wireless keyboard and mouse Use case: Gaming, casual games as well as competitive shooters, electrical drawings, 3d drawings, programming, lot of essays and schoolwork to write. Notes: According to this topic, I have a large hand at L = 20cm &
  4. Hello everyone, So I recently started using Twincat 3 for school. It's used to program PLC's and run simulations. But when I started using this software the laptop started acting up. One time my entire system just froze and generally when I use the software the system gets quite warm to the touch. Since I use the laptop on a dock when at home, I figured to get a vertical laptop stand so the laptop can have some good access to fresh air. So the stand arrived today, I hook up the laptop and place it in the stand. A little while later while using the software again I get a blue screen
  5. I build this back in late 2017, and it was already obsolete within 2 years. There is basically no good way of upgrading it either. I'd need a new case, new cpu (maybe a new motherboard as well?), new gpu, new power supply. So I better just build a entirely new system. The samsung 850 evo and another 8gb of kingston are not on this screenshot but are in the system right now btw. I just regret every decision I made on that pc.
  6. If I were to buy a new gpu, it would definitely be something like a 3060 / 3060ti / 3070. I'll just have to wait till they do come out here.
  7. Hello everyone, I think it's time to start on that new build I've been in desperate need off for like 2 years now. I was told that the price influx in pc parts has toned down a little and I'll be starting to look out for some parts here and there. But I still need some advice on what I should be getting. 1. Budget & Location: Netherlands / Belgium, €1800 (including a case and all that's inside, not including peripherals) 2. Aim: I just want a responsive system with which I can crank some game settings and run it just fine. Games: Grand theft Auto 5, Rainbow Six Sie
  8. What power supply did you get with your WD19TB?
  9. Hello everyone! So I've recently bought a Dell XPS 15 9500 (i7-10750H). I'm now looking to upgrade my home setup entirely. I just can't seem to figure out what it is that I need. Dell also doesn't give much advice on this and leaves it up to the customer to do the research. So here is my plan: New gaming rig 3 way monitor setup Dell dock for my XPS 15 So I want to be able to play on the gaming rig with 3 screens, as well as use the 3 screens in combination with my laptop for productivity at 3x FHD 60Hz with the help of a dock. I might even switch up someti
  10. Not sure how this will weigh in on your decision, but let me tell you this: I just had the greatest customer support experience with dell. Like literally 5 min ago. Bought a brand new XPS 15 in November. Took delivery today. Out of the box noticed a small imperfection. Called dell, explained the damage, he asked me if I'd be willing to keep the laptop rather then have it exchanged, I told him yes, straight out of the gate offered me a 10% money back. €174,25 for that little bit of damage. You can't even see it with your bare eyes, I only noticed it because I felt it with my finger. The su
  11. -accidently responded to my own message instead of editing it-
  12. For productivity reasons I'd prefer 3 monitors and have the side ones vertically. Which will hopefully allow me to have 5 open windows at once, 2 on each side and the main thing I'm working full sized on the centered display. With a utlra wide it will be though managing 5 windows at once. And then for gaming reasons I don't think I'll be able to get high refresh rates and 1ms pixel response time on a ultra wide. And as far as I'm aware is the ultra wide support limited in games. I don't really plan on playing games on 3 screens, maybe I'll try it with a racing game or a flight sim once or
  13. Software: Eplan, Inventor, Autocad, Trikker, and the generic stuff like MS office and a lot of chrome tabs. Games: Rainbow 6 siege, GTA 5, Squad, City skylines, F1 2020, Mount and blade II bannerlord, Life is feudal and a lot of lighter games. Most of it runs on the current system "okey". With inventor I just don't work with large files or assemblies. The other software stuff runs just fine. And with the more demanding games I just turn down everything to be able to run them.
  14. Not a 3rd monitor. I'm looking to get 3 new monitors. I currently have a 28" 4K samsung display and 1 very old BENQ 24" 1080P display. They don't really align well at all since neither has height adjust, the brightness and color tone don't match either. It's just not a pleasant setup. So my plan was 3 new monitors just so I don't run into any of those issues by having the exact same screens. And the 144Hz is to enjoy some competitive gaming once in a while, even though I realize I won't be able to run all 3 of them at that frequency. Or at least they don't need to.
  15. Gaming is a big part of it, but I mostly need need it for some 3D rendering, schematic drawings, MS office, webbrowsing and maybe I'll get back into streaming if I have the right setup? Idk, but would be nice if I have the ability.