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  1. I was thinking to make a new account and copy important files from the old account to the new one. That's a solution but I just want to find a easier one like simply change some registry bla bla bla
  2. I wanted to make my friend's account log off automaticlly when he logs in. But who da hell knows this would happen!
  3. Thank you, but I have already deleted the batch under a normal windows 10
  4. I added a string value under HKEY_USERS\[that user]\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StartupApproved\Run named "trick.bat"(no quotation marks) and the value was "C:/trick.bat"(also no quotation marks). And that bat file only has one command logoff
  5. I loaded another user's registry file under HKEY_USERS and added a string value at HKEY_USERS\[User'sName]\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StartupApproved\Run. The value was a path. And that file is a .bat which let the user log off. I thought it would make the user log off automaticlly when he logged in. When I tried to log in that account, it took a very long time to log in. Then most of the icons on the desktop couldn't show properly. Soon the screen went dark and then lit up again and looped. But my account was fine. I pressed WIN+L to quit and deleted the string value,