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    AMD Ryzen 5 3400G
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16
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    Fractal Design Define Mini C
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    Crucial MX500 Ssd 500 Gb + WD40EFRX
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    Corsair Rm550x
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    19" VGA
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    Noctua NH-U12A
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    Cyborg Rat 7 Mouse
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    Windows 10 Home
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  1. it's a new idea of course. The point is: I have done all this, buying pc, hardware ecc to try and keep all this "professional" or at least "systematic": it would be very disappointing if everyday I had to transfer the clips from the pc to the smartphone in order to make the upload. It would be some additional work ..
  2. thanks very much for your answer: I didn't know about timer nor about this trick. the point is: suppose the upload takes more than I imagined: is there some way, some third party application, that checks for the upload in progress and ONLY if the upload is over shuts down the pc?? I guess no anyway.. thanks
  3. good morning guys, every night I use to upload my daily content to my YT channel, which amounts to approx 1 GB of video clips per day. Now, the upload completes around 3 am, while I am sleeping of course, and next morning I don't usually get to work before 9. So everyday I get some hours of unemployed running time which leads to wasted electricity, wasted system running and so on .. So my question, real simple, is: what can I do in order to shut down or put to sleep the pc after the uploads are complete? thanks
  4. dear forumers, first of all let me excuse with you if other (or many other) topics have already been posted on the same subject. I haven't found anything among the pinned posts so I thought I'd write something to explain my specific situation; which is very simple btw and will require hopefully no effort to be addressed from you experts. As you can see in my signature, I currently have a 500Gb ssd, which is filling up really fast, since I produce approximately 1Gb/day of video clips. I have bought an additional 4 Tb Wd CMR HDD (WD40EFRX) which I have mounted but no
  5. ps I am choosing the pst variant because, if I am not getting it wrong, they can be mounted in sequence one another, without the need for additional cable splitters
  6. ok, I am persuaded about buying arctic fans, the p12 pwm pst in detail. there's still one doubt only: is it better for me to choose the P12 PWM PST or the P12 PWM PST CO? If you look at the tech specs the difference being the latter featuring a double bear bearing instead of a fluid dynamic bearing.. (and is called Continuous operation) now, I don't care about the duration over the years, I primarily care about the noise: My pc is almost always turned on 24/7, but fans will speed at a constant and low speed. Even if the fans should last some months or y
  7. thanks both for your replies.. I like it it seems pretty well designed.. and what about the Coolink Swif2 120P? I've heard it's a noctua sub-brand? I wouldnt mind going for the arctic anyway
  8. dear forumers, as you can see from my build in the signature below I have a noctua cooler and a define mini c case. I like this build, but at the moment it's running with just two system fans: one for the front and one at the exhaust: they are of course the standard Fractal design fans that came included with the case: a pair of Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP12 fan; while the cpu cooler mounts two Noctua NF-A12x25 which are very effective and silent of course but they cost a lot if bought separately. Now, I would like to complete my config mounting two additional fans at th
  9. thanks very much for both your answers.. so in the end: which one do you think is better between the mobos? not just on paper but based on real experience in case thanks
  10. ah ok, so you mean that I connect the splitter Y cable to the cpu-fan connector and then connect two fans instead of one .. and what about system fans if I want to install more than one? can I do the same thing? will i need additional power though? thanks
  11. hello everyone guys, as by the title and as you can see from my signature, I have a MSI b450m pro vdh max motherboard which features x1 cpu-cooler-fan connector (4 pins, where the amd wraith cooler is currently connected) and 2 system fans (4 pins as well). Now, the point is: I have bought a cpu-cooler with 2 fans on it and at the same time a AsRock B450M Pro4 which has two cpu-fan connectors and 3 system fans connectors. Now, I am not very sure about switching from the MSI one to the AsRock, even if it looks better on paper. So my question is: i
  12. now, let me go on with the second part of the story: a fellow italian forumer suggested that I disabled all the boot options in the BOIS boot menu except for the first one, the windows boot manager of course. In his idea this would reduce the splash time which, as you may have noticed from the clip, is approximately 15 seconds. I did as he suggested but nothing changed: it always takes at least 15 seconds from the power up to the splash screen with the logo of the MB now, the slow splash time may not be a serious issue for me: I cou
  13. hi, thanks for the reply. No, I didnt try any CMOS clear and windows was installed via usb key on a brand new untouched ssd. The usb key was prepared with the official media creation tool from microsoft the day before the pc arrived, and of course I guess the SO was updated to the latest version