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  1. Ok makes sense, thanks for that. Do you think the idle temps spiking like they are is normal though aswell?
  2. Yeah that what I assumed the spikes to come from just found it weird that I didn't experience these spikes on idle with the r7 2700.
  3. I am a bit confused with the temps I am getting with my system as of my recent purchase of the corsair h100i rgb platinum. My cpu will idle around 33-36 degrees, which is fine, but it constantly spikes to around 50 degrees and has reached 60 on occasions and then falls back down all while sitting idle. Also when I run cinebench r20 my cpu reaches 72 degrees after running like 3-4 times through which is also fine, although what is strange is that when I play games such as COD black ops cold war and borderlands 3 my cpu will sit at like 65 degrees but just like in idle it will spike and reaches
  4. I have followed the steps and run the commands. After they finished I got the message "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations." I assume this means there was nothing wrong with my files. Is there anything else I can do.
  5. Yep updated to latest bios. There is a beta bios version which is more recent. Not sure whether I should try that. Would that be something I should try?
  6. I have recently been having an issue where whenever I start up my pc it runs through all the led debug lights on the motherboard, gets to the windows loading screen and then the screen will go black and my pc runs through the led debug lights again, although it does not turn off during this process, and then loads into windows normally. I am not sure whether this is a problem or not as when I searched online I could only find a similar issue where the pc completely turns of when it boots twice which is not the same as my issue. My specs are: Ryzen 5 3600 cooler master hyp
  7. Would there be much bottleneck with 6700/6700xt?
  8. I've got an rx 580 currently and looking for an upgrade soon. Any suggestions.
  9. Yep boots fine without HDD. Does that mean I can delete the partition on the HDD.
  10. I think that I installed windows on my previous system without unplugging the hard drive and then I reused it in my current system as it had all my games on it so the system reserved partition may be from my previous system. Would that be correct?
  11. For some reason I have two system reserved partitions on my system. One of them is on my nvme ssd which I have my OS, windows 10 pro, installed on and the other is on my hard drive. When I go to disk management I can delete/format the one on my ssd but not the one on my hard drive. I found this strange as I assumed that the one on the ssd would the one that I would need to keep considering that is where my OS is installed. Could someone help me with which one I can delete/format and how to go about doing so if there is no option in disk management. Many thanks.