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  1. Whenever I boot Manjaro from a live usb on my computer and try to install, it says “There are no partitions to install on” I’m using a WD Blue 500gb m.2 ssd, ryzen 5 1600, Asrock B450m Pro4 and RX 570 4gb.
  2. Ahh sorry, ryzen 5 1600 and rx 580. I've been looking at EVGA B-Stock for a while now also to try to find a good deal.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a PSU. I would need at least 500w and no ketchup+mustard cables. Edit: I would prefer semi modular but a modular psu is fine if there aren't any at this price point.
  4. How would I calculate shipping? (I live in the U.S)
  5. I just bought a used ryzen 5 1600 for 100$. Was going to buy a 1600af but people are overpricing them like crazy.
  6. I have another question: are the qr code looking things on the bottom left the same across all the 1600af CPUs? Seller provided pic (i took this pic with my phone camera so thats why it looks like its on a computer) i saw some other ones on duckduckgo and a couple of them were the same but one was different:
  7. Hi, I was looking at an ebay listing and saw the the name on the top of the cpu (it was a ryzen 5 1600af) wasn’t there. Is that something that could come off?
  8. I bet It'll look similar to the Xbox SX UI redesign with all the curved edges and stuff.
  9. So I've been watching a ton of Louis Rossmanns stuff and its great. What apple is doing is genuinely sickening. The soul of apple died with Steve Jobs. And Apple claims that by removing the power adapter and headphones in the Iphone 12 that they are "saving the planet" and "going green" like, what?
  10. Is there any way I'd be able to write a python script that would scan every video description of a YouTube channel for a word/list of words? E.g find every instance of "the, is, a".