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  1. "Why everyone buy the R5 3600 ? " Well because the 3300x is still unavailable and the Ryzen 7 is two price range above
  2. Thanks for all your replies. It's not that much important no, I'm actually mainly looking at this case for its design that I really like, but I don't want to end up regretting my choice if there is a big impact on my performence. Again I will only be gaming at "mid-high" performence I would say ( 1080-1440p Ultra setting). But if the only downside would be some noise due to higher RPM for the Fan, as long as it doesn't damage them (which I doubt it will ?) I'm fine I just want to be sure it's not that big of a bad choice if I don't plan to stress out my computer with some heavy dem
  3. Hello, I would like to ask you your opinion on Thermal and Airflow, but on an actual real day-to-day usage for someone that do nothing but gaming, at not even ultra high performance. So basically, not a Blender user, nor any rendering workload. No work such as Video Editing. No Streaming. And even game at 1080p or 1440p at max (so not in 4K). I do plan to go on some "Triple A" tittle however (and would even use some VM but I think that's besid the point). All the video on Airflow you can find from LTT and GN are a real golden mine of information, but please tell me: I
  4. I'm incrusting myself here just by curiosity: Might that be due to the lack of adoption of Windows 10 ? I don't know if it's totally true, but back when there were discussion about the end of Windows 7 support, I've heard a lot of people were still on W7 and previous version, and even after its end of support, data showed a lot of people remaining on Windows 7 still. Again maybe that was exaggerated or amplified by the Enterprise side of it, but I was wondering this while reading your post.
  5. Just to add my 2 cents here, In case you're actually asking for a full white case, with the other ellement (Ram, GPU, Motherboard...) black, then I recomend you looking for some Corsair Spec 06 PC build, since it's a 99% white case (only the back grid and original fan are black). Ho the white eddition of course, not the black one Hope that was what you asked and it helped you.
  6. Alright then, I will try to make it work this way once I have every part needed. Thanks for everything, it greatly helped me, have a good one ! Cheers !
  7. Yeah but still I feel bad about leaving someone without reply when the person genually intend to help. But I'm glad if there is no fuss. Thanks for the build, I hope I will be able to get it soon (you know with all the problem of stock this year...) One thing tho', about Virtualization, when you say I need a GPU, does it need to be beefy ? Or does a old aunt would be enought, like let's say a GT 640 ? Since it's my previous GPU, that could actually give it another life purpose instead of taking a retirement in my 2070S box. Thanks for all the tips ! Once I would ha
  8. FIrst and foremost I appologize for the lack of reply to your post, I basically got it done and moved on. Since I'm not a social type at all, I don't visit the forum at all so I never saw you replied to me until today (when the Amazon Prime video got me here to look at something haha) So I mainly post this to appologize to you and thanks you for your post that was informative for me, I will deffinitely keep this sticked somewhere for when I will build my gaming rig. In case you see this and still would like to get the answer to your question and prehaps add some things I
  9. And since DLSS , based on what you said, could probably end up beeing a WIndows 10 only feature, I guess for now ray tracing will be a no go for me with these card. Welp at least I took my decision, I will stick with it and wait to see how all these DLSS and Ray Tracing (now that we got a second generation) evolve. Hehe... maybe by the time a good chunk of valuable game exploiting the ray tracing got released, a new generation of card will be out , again totally not what people said back during the 2000 launch : p Thanks for the time you took to reply, that helped
  10. Thanks you very much for these fast replies, it helped grealy. I have the tools to make my decision now. I'll mark the thread as solved. Have a good one y'all Regards.
  11. @Eigenvektor I see, interesting... I guess that will require me to dual boot then. Not like I have a lot of game with Ray Tracing in my eyes for now. @VeganJoy Yeah err... sorry, I try to be concise but I don't want to avoid some detail that could make the difference in the comprehension of the subject :c So in regards of your post, well I didn't know about these performence, I guess in the future (even near future) if you want the full ray tracing experience you have to go for 3000 series then. That would be the point though, upscalling fro
  12. So you wouldn't be able to play a game on a Virtual Machine because of that ? Like your GPU would only take 10% of the workload even though there is far more avalaible ? How does the Linux user play games then ? Dual boot with a clear windows 10 installation ? I'm sorry, that's the first time I heard ot this, I always thought that the only inpact a VM had, was it ask you computer to run it so runing "two Operating system at the same time" would inpact your performence, but not that your hardware wouldn't dedicate their full power to that side of the process
  13. Thanks for your fast reply, I'm sorry but what do you mean by "the suppport for GPU passthrough to virutal machine" ? Like defflecting the charge of the Virtual Machin process to the GPU ?
  14. Hellot to everyone, I hope I post this in the good section. I also hope you don't mind I just signed in for that question, I'm sorry I'm not good on social interaction. you can jump to the bold text if you don't want to read an introduction First of all, I will point out I'm bad at writting ( dyslexia and not native english...) so I'm sorry if I hurt your eyes in the process of this thread. Secondly I will try to cut to the chase and be direct on what I'm wondering/seeking, I would like to avoid debate of oppinion regarding some OS or reasons behind m