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  1. just get a sata ssd 1TB if you're worried about compatibility perhaps a samsung 860 evo
  2. mine was blinking black, I turned it upside down, removed the battery and turned it on without it, and it was working, after I put the battery back and it was also working, and it still works now, maybe try leaving it on for 30 min, I remember long time ago it blinked black for a bit after I turned it on and after it went away.
  3. I had a similar problem, turning the laptop upside down ( I thought removing the battery would help ), and putting it back helped in my case
  4. so will Samsung 970 Evo work on its full potential on my motherboard (Z97M) ?
  5. omuleanu

    60hz monitor

    I used to have problems with bright screens for years (eye pain, dry eyes, sand feeling), but that was because I didn't knew I had a chronic sinus infection, putting manuka honey deep in my nose saved me, it burned when I did it, but it solved my problem.
  6. omuleanu

    60hz monitor

    I keep mine always at about 10% brightness, I never change contrast (it is at 50%, default), I haven't noticed any door efect, but if I change it to 0% brightness gray backgrounds like on this site seemed to be flickering, but I'm not sure about it, I was on HDMI cable when I think I noticed something, now I'm using DP cable and I'm not noticing any flickering. Unlike my previous VA screen I haven't had any eye problems with this one, even on day one. I also keep it at 125% scale from windows display settings.
  7. 2GB Ram and 16GB storage doesn't make sense anymore, I got today an ulefone for my uncle, 4GB Ram 64GB storage for about the same price I think (ulefone armor 8, he drops his phone quite often)
  8. omuleanu

    60hz monitor

    I was also considering the LG or DELL with the same nano IPS panel but saw reddit posts with people complaining that they get eye pain from the nano IPS, so I decided to go with the Benq EX2780Q AAS IPS innolux panel https://www.reddit.com/r/Monitors/comments/d4x4bh/27gl850_headaches_and_eye_strain/
  9. omuleanu

    60hz monitor

    no, it doesn't affect the GPU or the monitor, the only difference for my Benq is that it is better to set AMA (response time setting) at Premium for 144hz and High at 60hz, but I use it almost always at Premium
  10. omuleanu

    60hz monitor

    I use 144hz only in windows, in games I usually select 60hz in the game settings ( I have 1660 super ), sometimes even 30 ( SOTR )
  11. omuleanu

    60hz monitor

    https://www.benq.com/en-us/monitor/entertainment/ew2780q.html I have a similar but 144hz EX2780Q the sound is very good, but only after installing Benq drivers, with windows default drivers it was too much bass and hard to understand speech. and gets signal in bios only via DP cable, probably the 60hz one wouldn't have this problem
  12. this is my motherboard https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/Z97M-GAMING/Specification I was looking to get an 1TB or 500GB ssd, NVME or SATA, I was looking first on samsung 970 plus, but it seems that it might not work on my motherboard, or it might but not at the speed that it can how do I know if the SSD is compatible with my motherboard, and can anyone recommend one that would work in my pc. my pc: Z97M Gaming, i5-4690K, Aorus GTX 1660 Super 6G, SATA SSD 500GB 860 evo I also heard that adding nvme might reduce pcie lanes from the GPU
  13. My problem is solved, I connected the monitor using Display Port cable (1.4 Kabeldirekt) and now it gets signal in bios also. I also had to move my videocard to a different slot because on the top slot the case (a metal lip) was preventing the display port cable to be 100% pushed and click in.
  14. so the monitor could be faulty ? like hardware problems ?
  15. Yes, I'm using it right now (the old monitor, because I wanted to have a look in the bios), My GPU has only 1 HDMI port, and 3 DP, but I don't have DP cable yet to try it out