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  1. So i have this laptop and i can not find anything about the ram some sites are saying i should put ddr3 in it because i need 12 gb of ram but i bought a ddr3l and that is giving me blue screen while gaming any idea guys ? please i need your help
  2. So long story short I bought a Corsair DDR3L 1.35v 1600mhz for my laptop Asus F550JX DM020D hoping to increase my ram memory up to 12gb and beside that I added an caddy for an aditional 240gb SSD . All good I pluged everything in and it was working fine will browsing and doing other task on it . The problem appears while gaming the screen starts flickering and "the colors are not in the right place or the pixels " the image is distorted but you can see what is going on something like this image but more visible. I updated the bios and even reinstall the nvidia gtx 950m driver but no luck so f