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  1. It was mostly a 5000 series for my B550, since I read that some of them are already compatible.
  2. As title says, is there any way to check which bios my mobo has without building a machine out of it? Is there something in the box that tells me which bios is currently on the board?
  3. Cancel it. Get the TUF instead. They use the expensive ones.
  4. It's not a bad idea to ensure that the GPU is inserted correctly. Same goes for RAM, if you've taken that out too. Your PSU is also of... questionable quality, and it might not deliver the required juice to your GPU.
  5. Yeah, but what producers should do and what they actually do doesn't always match up. Case in point, the volcanic VRM on the early MSI x570 boards
  6. Does the VG27AQL1A have issues with ghosting/smearing at low fps like its predecessor? The internet is annoyingly sparse with information regarding it.
  7. Like alot of people, I'm upgrading to the 3080, alongside a complete upgrade to my system. (CPU, mobo, storage, etc). I noticed on some of the budget X570s (looking at the Asus TUF atm), the rather beefy 3080 GPU would cover up the fan on the chipset. Is this generally going to be a problem? I'm generally looking for 200 and below mobos, with the only real strict requirement being a PS/2 port. (Model M supremacy). Another model I am looking at currently is the B550 Tomahawk (On sale, 2/3rds the price of the Asus TUF x570), but that has no chipset fan. Will the GPU covering up the heatsink ther
  8. Caught up in the 3080 craze, I decided to look at boards. I couldn't find the Tuf B550-Plus (ATX) on the list. Is it the same as the mATX in terms of tier?