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  1. these two images show gpu some stats when running unigine. Something weird i noticed was that when i went onto another application and then maximised this again, it would temporarily stabilise (1-3seconds) and behave like you would expect. If you look at gpu 1 usage you will see a few points of extended max. These longer maxima are the maximising of the window. if you look at the last quarter, you will see one extended maxima and then jagged hell. This was the point where I maximised, left running, then closed. Hopefully this will help you interpret the images.
  2. So i have been having trouble with my graphics card and have opened a few threads already regarding it. It is a RTX 2060 mobile and it is not performing well. I have pretty much tried everything at this point and have made a few conclusions. - the graphics performance is weak and is not being improved - each time you do a fresh install of drivers the card performs normally for about 6 seconds of use before it reverts back to dodgy state - the drops i am talking about are not small drops but drops from 140fps in Unigine Heaven Benchmark to 12-21 fps - while in dodgy state it a
  3. I am not sure what action of mine caused this but my gpu seems to perform fine in certain applications now. What i mean by this is that i am now getting a score of 6000+ in timespy consistently which is what you would expect of this card. However, its performance in firestrike is still abominable; around 2500-3000, and that has remained fully unchanged. The big difference between them is directx version i think, so i tried some games using dx11 and dx12 and it behaved in a similar way, where dx12 games performed seamlessly and dx11 games performed like absolute garbage. I dont know what is cau
  4. i have pretty much closed this thread. Also what you said is pretty inaccurate; of course it will use the gpu or nothing would display. That aside, the "even after" was there to imply i had tried it with both the intel cpu disabled and enabled, so i am pretty sure that's not the issue, since it yielded no results. Thanks for your help regardless.
  5. Searched this up and there seems to be no correlation between this and the cards bad performance
  6. Something i noticed. Pictures top to bottom are task manager during combined, physics, graphics 2, and graphics 1 firestrike benchmarks. dedicated memory was never being fully utilised as you can see. I feel as if this may be the root of the issue. It was highest during graphics 1 but remained constant at the value shown in the images for the entire duration of the test.
  7. My windows power settings are telling it to use the 2060. Temps are around 63 degrees celsius.
  8. yes i believe it is running on my dedicated gpu. Task manager says NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.
  9. im running a rtx 2060 mobile in a msi gs75 stealth laptop. Ideally i didnt want a laptop but it is convenient. The problem is that the card is severely underperforming. (intel HD graphics levels) I have run a few benchmarks. - cinebench- i7 8750h got a score of 2104 - 3D mark firestrike - overall 2701 - graphics 2791 - physics 12192 - combined 1121 (3D mark says an overall score of around 13000 is normal for a laptop of my type) (i also can run most 3D mark benchmarks if requested) As you can see something is pretty wrong here. I cant identify what however. I have tried a variety
  10. Yh that is what I thought, but even after disabling the Intel one this is the result. The performance is absolutely rubbish on the card unless I limit CPU. It's prolly obvious that it falls well out of that ten percent margin. That is the reason I started this thread.
  11. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/50467341
  12. i dont really know what to use. Does this help at all?
  13. sorry i started this doesnt fit the criteria set out for a troubleshooting request so i made a new one
  14. I dont have proper benchmarking software here is something https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/33097565 The issue is that my graphics card is underperforming. I have tested a variety of solutions and re-benched my setup with this software. Basically the only thing that made a difference was limiting my cpu utilisation to less than 100 in windows power settings. This made my graphics card have good and expected benchmarks. However, since my processor is an intel core i7 8750h it relies on turbo boost to achieve higher clock speeds. It cannot turbo boost when the windows power settings are a