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  1. Really haven't used eset... can't say much ! Sorry for the late reply...
  2. Virtual machines ? No Why do you need a one though ? I mean you think something will happen to your VM first( in a rare case ) and it won't affect your PC and you may then simply copy the data and start another virtual machine and a new windows ? ... But anything that is going to get plugged in, ( like a pendrive ) is to your computer , and communication ports of virtual machine ? Still there will be little advantages of security , but won't recommend it. But it will slowdown your performance a bit.
  3. I don't know much about cybersecurity. But there isn't anything similar happening on your sister's PC because she is using all the apps ? Or didn't any of her friends face any other issues ? Seems like a Man in the middle attack or DoS ? . If you are sure, about the attack, you can do one thing. Make an Account on Cisco Open DNS. Force your router to Use Open DNS by setting DNS server in WAN to and Alternate DNS Server to Also install Open DNS updater app. After that before 12am night, shut off all other network devices, except your pc ( don't keep a
  4. If it has got Airplay, there shall be some sort of screen mirroring available. But anything wireless, mostly has lag . There are third party solutions, which accept connections from Mini Display Port, HDMI , Display Port, DVI and convert it all to HDMI , but I won't recommend them much as I can't guarantee of their reliability. Something better maybe an Amazon basics adapter. You will still need some cables handy to connect it to your customer's equipment Most Laptops Have HDMI or display port these days, with HDMI being more common. So I guess there to be atleast 2 or
  5. I am sorry , the 80plus certified are 80% efficient and not at 80% load but drops below 60% for idle loads. Thanks for the correction @Ankerson
  6. As others have quoted... The efficiency of these PSUs is highest when they are at about 80% load. If the current one is working good so far, would recommend to continue using it rather than generating the E-waste.
  7. There is Safe mode for that using advanced startup. I know that also won't 100% guarantee you that a specific program is not causing a problem, but many people have many important apps like office, photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, which need to be activated. Some settings need to be done again. Although this more applies to an enterprise PC and just for consumer PC doing a complete fresh install is more easy, other backups also need to be taken, of C drive ( desktop, documents, etc) .... That is why the refresh was introduced. Also then there is another type of upgrade
  8. Yea okay, then you have to go ahead with reinstall. Or rather just refresh your PC, instead of entirely reinstalling ? It is easy too, Your Programs remain same. Just download Windows, open setup.exe . Or do it form advanced options.
  9. No disconnections on other computers in command line - ping ? And also if same lan cable is connected to your sister's pc, then are there any disconnections ? if not, Then go ahead with a system reinstall , or try updating drivers one last time before that
  10. //A bit Long Post I am using a Tenda AC10 - as my main router ( without the USB ) , you can check web interface simulator here to see what kind of settings can be done . It is at my Local IP, DHCP on. This Router is on 1st Floor. My PC is wired to it by gigabit lan. I have same SSID,Password,Security for both 2.4 & 5Ghz network. the Guest Network has SSID "Dighe Guest" for both Guest 2.4 & 5Ghz networks and carry same encryption , security and password. It Gives Ip Addresses in the range 192.168.10.x for Guest users Then I have a H
  11. Oh, then have to conclude it to be a C6 issue.
  12. Oh, then have to conclude it to be a C6 issue. Those warranty guys won't help... So then maybe a new firmware, or flashing a OpenWRT ( but there's always a slight risk in that ) and then flashing back an old firmware of tp-link. Just a question, does that static ip binding doesn't work at all ? Or just the roaming problem doesn't solve with static IP ? And That's totally reasonable to use Archer-C6 as main for high speed transfer rather than reverting the setup. For trial basis, as a last confirmation that the error is with the C6 router you can try switching wh
  13. As per this video you can. ( The video creator doesn't recommend it) Recommended - Not At All Recommended, it can die within seconds, temperature of transistors rise very rapidly, you won't be able to touch it , even if it runs for mere 2-3 seconds If you atleast have heatsink on top of it, it is just a bit safer.. If trying - try at your own risk
  14. So when you have that issue are you able to access your router's settings page or transfer files between yours and sister's computer ? So we can be sure about ethernet being working. If yes then we can also be sure about PC related issue as @LAwLz said. Do a DISM restore and sfc scannow from cmd admin and see if it solves your issue. Or we can try updating drivers Else then the DNS the pc is reffering to will be router's DNS.
  15. Yes, that's right though that only his PC had a problem but It could be an issue with router LAN, because now his sister's computer is also connected via a WIFI. Also once connect your sister's PC to LAN, try if you could use the same lan you use to your PC or do swap yours and hers. And turn off the wifi. Open cmd via run, type "ping google.com -t". Let it run for 2-3hrs . Stop the ping with ctrl+C . And see if there are any packet losses. Scroll and see if you could spot any continuous connection timeouts. If there aren't any continuous drops ( more than or equal
  16. Does your phone use Randomised MAC while connecting ? Turn it off for your home network, and set it to use device mac . This feature is most probably available in both One plus 7 Pro and Redmi K20 Pro. (Also Make sure that all IPTV and VLAN related features are off - ( I assume it to be off, or anyways roaming won't work ) ) If nothing works out , (only advisable if you have less than 100mbps speed internet connection and don't do much local data transfers ) Try the other way, make the iball router your main router, and archer as slave. Set the same PPPOE
  17. So set Network profile to Private, And IP Assignment - Automatic (DHCP) -- as you said it is already (DHCP) , that is it gets IP address automatically from the router each time Then Then In Network and Sharing Center - Click On Ethernet -then In Ethernet Status - click on properties --> then in Ethernet Properties --- Double Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4) ----> And make sure that obtain IP address automatically is set. If not then chaneg it, and validate settings upon exit. Rest If your PC randomly doesn't have
  18. Also Just for router safety reasons, flash firmware for your region. Although it doesn't affect it much, like I flashed a firmware of another region on my router and it works great. But still advised to flash the correct one
  19. Just update your firmware once , https://www.tp-link.com/in/support/download/tl-wr940n/#Firmware choose hardware version above.
  20. Fair enough, I also use a PC from 2014 and my gigabit ethernet port just works fine. You shall have no problem with it. It is just a router/cable/connector issue
  21. Yes that's weird, at majority of times, clicking upgrade button and then giving an old firmware file would downgrade it but seems like they check with the old and new versions on firmware files. Or you can also install OpenWRT and then flash back the router firmware. Of course OpenWRT will be a better choice. --------------------------------------------------Just for data Safety, ignore if not important --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe, you can try one more thing, disable router's access to
  22. Networking won't be a big load for a pc. if it is an ad in Card, just make sure it is fit perfectly fit in PCI-express slot ? How old is your PC ? The overuse of router is possible, maybe add some cooling to it like a laptop based usb cooling fan to it If you are not concerned with range, set it to medium , or trasmission power a little less than 100%, so you will just make it run, just a bit cooler maybe. Your Router doesn't seem to be very old, from your router model no.
  23. Just check the cables and connectors once, do clean them . And if there are any sharp bends on the cable, just straighten them up. Windows doesn't detect those minor disconnections from the internet Reboot Router from Router Web Page once in a day , if there is an automatic option ,set it at some at night like 3 A.M. , so some memory gets freed (especially the memory it uses to keep logs ) Set your Wifi Channel different from your neighbours. And You can Static IPs, no issues, but just a better solution is to use DHCP and set lease time to 1440 minutes ( 1
  24. As Jaslion said, Tie the current old lan cable's end with a string to a new cable of similar length, pull the old cable from the house 5m in front of you, Cut the old cable with its connectors, and if they are good, just attach it to old cable. If any one of the connector, out of them both is bad, then you need to crimp it or exchange those connectors with any other lan patch cables you have. If you don't plan to install new cable, and you are setting repeater mode, make sure to set mode to 802.11n while repeating and 40Mhz(if there aren't many networks aorund) , for 5Ghz( 802.11 a