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  1. ok i wish that i could use pcie expansion cards because i have so many extra on my motherboard
  2. i was thinking about adding more storage to my computer, as the 500gb ssd i have doesn't feel like quite enough storage anymore, there are extra drive bays and sata data cables, but no extra sata power connectors. are there any pcie expansion cards to give more sata power connectors?
  3. thanks, so would adapting molex to fan header adapter work?
  4. i want to add another case fan to my computer, but it doesn't have any more fan headers on the motherboard. is there any way i can adapt pcie or pci to a fan header? the spare things my motherboard has are: pcie gen3 8x, pcie gen2 1x, pcie gen2 4x, and one pci slot.
  5. yes, probably either that or maybe the radeon hd 6330m
  6. I'm just curious what the lowest power gpu that has ever existed is, I'm not planning to build a pc with it