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  1. Thank you VERY much for your help, you've been very kind and helped me make a more informed decission (and save some money I think) All the best for you Regards
  2. WOW thanks for taking the time to even search on those sites! Air coolers seem very bulky to me, and since I see the interior of the case all the time (which I LOVE) AIO's seem more pleaseant to me. I'm looking mainly this site https://integradosargentinos.com/product-listing.php?criterio=tags&search=cooler becuase it has the benefit of paying in 18 installments, I'd end up paying maybe 20% more but it's easier, and with a 40% inflation rate projected for the next year, 20% more for a year and a half period it's still a "good" deal AND I'll start paying it in February. A
  3. Mainly an aesthetic thing, I've been building my system as I want now, instead of as I could in the past. But since I'm doing this and I'm changing to a more powerful processor I don't know if I'd need more "cooling power" (meaning the 240mm) or the 120mm would be fine. And I'll be reselling the H80 so I'll get some money back, as I did with the other components.
  4. Thanks for the response AND the recommendations I have a NZXT 500i case, Asus Z490 E Gaming motherboard with 32GB of Corsair Vengeance 2666MHz, and the i9 10900 and a rtx 2060 I used to have a 4790k cooled with a ffirst version Corsair H80i, that I want to replace. I'm in Argentina so the options are limited in terms of variety and budget. So far I could afford: NZXT X53 or X63 ROG Ryujin 240mm ROG Ryuo 120mm ROG LC 120 or 240mm Corsair H115i Of course the most affordables are the 120 mm and I don't plan to
  5. Hi Cyracus, so you'd go with a 240? (sorry english is not my main language) I had a H80i on a 4790k and it never went above 54°c (129°F) but as I understand the i9 draws more power... Thanks for the reply
  6. Hi everyone, Would you say a 120 mmm AIO would be ok for a i9 10900 for offline gaming? Or should I get a 240mm? I need to change the cooler but I don't want to overspend Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, First of all let me detail my build: i7 4790k Asus Maximus Hero VII Gskill Sniper 32gb Corsair H80i Geforce RTX 2060 6Gb SSD: 1x240gb (OS) 1x500gb (Games) 1x1TB (Music) HDD: 1x1TB (Miscellaneous) Monitor: ASUS Strix 27" curved I mostly play, but also edit audio (not intensively), and use a software called ROON for music that is very CPU demanding as far as I know. Currently I'm playing Skyrim with 250+ mods and it stays on the 57-60 fps except in heavy forests or cities where i