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  1. the header can support 2 amps
  2. eyes,teeth,hair (where is the beard?) so yeah but tbh its not bad.
  3. this is the tech forum go to off-topic or just google it lol
  4. well, Im on linux rn, and ngl its amazing the pc is so smooth its like butter, but yeah, I did the partition thing and it all worked out, thank you.
  5. buying a 10tb hard drive or not even that a 1tb hard drive is so expensive, prices in my country are really inflated, buying a 1tb hard drive would cost triple the price anywhere else!
  6. toot toot tototototoooo toot toot tototototo toototo tootototo tooooooo 

    1. PonyBoyZ_


      Ok Nardwaur

  7. I need help with linux, I want to breath life into my pc because its really old and I'm too poor to upgrade anything, but anyways I want to know if I installing linux wipes all my data, and if it does. are there ways to avoid it deleting like 30K pics and a lot of important documents?
  8. yeah at this point I should really get it since it only a few months old since the purchase and is really clean but kinda skeptical about the really cheap price
  9. 1440 and if I hook it up to my TV probably 4K but mostly 1440.