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  1. My PC lately has been forming a habit of randomly freezing and then restarting itself. When this occurs I typically hear a buzzing noise in my headset for the 5-10 seconds it is frozen until it restarts. The confusing part is that it always just restarts straight to windows and never blue screens. It seems like it happens more often when gaming but I feel like I recall it happening while just being in discord as well. At first I thought PSU because I was running an overclocked 9600k and a 5700xt on a Corsair CX500 but I just bought a Corsair RMx850 and it is still doing it. If it helps, s
  2. I have the gigabyte z390 gaming matx motherboard and it has a few LED's integrated into the board. I downloaded the Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 software but it didn't detect the lighting on the motherboard and gave me no other way to change it. Any suggestions on other software or methods that will allow me to change the lighting of the board?
  3. Hi I cleared my cmos after being unable to boot due to a unsuccessful overclock, following this the RGB on my Corsair vengence pro ram no longer works. Any suggestions to fix this would be great.