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  1. The only error code I get is when I tried to reinstall win10 and gives the nsf space code for all my drives, so basically means all my drives are dead. None of the 6 drives will work, all will show the same nsf code for space.
  2. Ever since the win update that effect x570 motherboards, I have been try to keep my system from forgetting c drive. And now all my drives have the, "drive doesn't have space error," while forgetting where the os is installed at. My pc specs X570 aorus master wifi Ryzen 9 3900 16 gb ram 3 1TB m.2 drives ssd (os on m.2a slot) 2 1TB 2.5 drives ssd 1 10TB 3.5 drive hdd $1300 of drives now paperweights. This system was a b-day gift to me, after my previous system had a motherboard failure with the fx-6300 processor. With
  3. The case is going to sit on a carpet floor, and the room at 78-80°F. So side vents are needed.
  4. Budget (including currency): $2,000 USD Country: USD Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: games Other details Case is Nzxt H510 black, no RGBs. 3 3.5 drive bays, 2 2.5 drive bays. Ram can sit at 32gb, processor needs to play hitman 2016/2018, 4Ghz minimum. Can run the 3dmark port royal. Monitor is a Samsung Curve 27 inch. Asking this board for build list with a intel or amd base computer. Want to start this build in Nov, I'm a Thanksgiving week born of 89. Former pc had a fx-6300 price at the time of $200Usd, 32gb ddr3 1866mhz. Motherboa