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  1. can you tell any laptop in assus, hp and dell
  2. hi i am looking for a laptop ( buisnness use and a bit of gaming ) in 500 dollars .
  3. ok and the monito and mouse ,keyboard
  4. hey ven is your list better or their can you also suggest a monitor and mouse for this budjet for both is 90 dollars
  5. thanks can you even tell me are thes specs better https://techdreams.co.in/product/ashva/
  6. vin how much fps can it give me on fortnite on high quality
  7. ron222

    slow pc

    hi i have a lenovo ideapad 310 it has amd raedon in it . whenever i launch any game even minecraft the pc shows a black screen and then i have to restart it .it is a headache for me . also it heats up pretty quick very slow and the worst laptop ever!!!
  8. vin can you pls give a whole list of the specs that i will need . by the wat thanks for the info
  9. hey guys hope you are doing well in this pandameic . i need a gamming pc under 750 dollars as in india 750 dollars are like 70,000 inr . it should run games like assassin creds, fortnite and gta 5 . pls tell the specs as quick as you can .