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  1. Cherry's website is a good place to start finding which ones you want. The MX Black Silent and Red Silent are the quietest. https://www.cherrymx.de/en/mx-original/mx-red.html You can go through the sounds of these and they give you info about them. What's your budget?
  2. Posted as a status but forgot to show here. Yay.
  3. It's listed under vintage rather than obsolete in this list but for how long I'm not sure: I assume obsolete to Apple simply means no more parts will be made, and no support other than community support. And the reliance to go second hand parts for repair until they're unfixable. Vintage means its old, sure, but they'll still receive hardware service in the Apple retail stores. The article seems to have it wrong, here, just a bit. It's not considered obsolete yet. Silly wording on Independent's part.
  4. It's possible that the charger you're trying isn't providing enough amp to charge the laptop. Or it's dependent on the charger that came with the laptop. I think 2A is minimum from other posts on the web...
  5. Eurocom out of the question for the beefiest config... ?
  6. I bought a replacement screen from Laptopscreen.com to replace an LCD panel. They should have the LCD you'll want to get. I was gonna suggest HP Partsurfer to get the replacement bezel but they have it as "N/A". Where do you live?
  7. Try shining a light on the screen to see if there is something being shown? If you have a torch/flashlight on your phone you could try that.
  8. Is there a function key to change the output? The display or graphics might be gone.
  9. Nokia E90 Communicator from 2007 or 2008. There was another revision to fix the apparent keyboard scratches or scuffs on the inner panel. This might be the newer one due to the keypad being flatter. There was the red version, the Mocha (this one) and black. The black one was the revised one but they did it to these versions too.
  10. Buying new NVidia MXM GPU for Zbook (yes, a laptop, WX4150 sorta worked but isn't providing native fan control) New SSD for Zbook (from 250GB to 500GB) New ODD hard drive caddy for Zbook (another SSD maybe) Replacing parent's desktop monitor for a better one from my room Organising photo data on my external drive Cleaning my desk, brother's desk, and parent's desk. Cleaning the computers, giving them a dusting, including mine. Testing if the WX4150 GPU works in my old MSI GT640 (if it does then great, I might repurpose the MSI as some transcoding serve
  11. I don't use a disc drive that much. I'm happy to sacrifice that. What I don't like seeing is Ethernet disappearing, USB-A disappearing, HDMI or DisplayPort disappearing and the like. Gonna have to make the most of it while they last. And it's surprising to me that in my opinion, going ball grid array yields no difference in reliability other than complication if something is to go wrong with the chip. Makes servicing difficult. It would be nice to see the socket returning to laptops.
  12. The things to note about Resolve is that while it shows every single feature of Studio, it's not easy to tell which is in Free and what isn't in the software. There are plugins that just throw up a message telling you to buy it and slaps a huge watermark. It also hogs some VRAM compared to other NLEs I've used, so it isn't ideal for low-end systems. Your 2080Ti PC should be just great for it so you won't stumble into the issues I've had.
  13. It should fit fine as others said.
  14. If I had $150 to spend I'd spend it on an MXM Nvidia Quadro M2000M or M1200M for my Zbook, and if I have left over some thermal pads and new thermal paste to go with it. I just want my 4GB of VRAM.
  15. You have an option between adding more RAM with your current module. Or both with an upgrade to RAM capacity and be in dual channel (which I'd go for). For the HDD, swap it out for an Crucial MX500 or a Samsung EVO SSD. You'll have to clone or fresh install when you do though. Those two metal latches on the sides of the RAM can be gently pulled apart to release the module. And the HDD will be in a caddy you'd have to install on the new drive.
  16. PCSpecialist is like Sager or XoticPC, but they sell custom laptops for the UK market. There should be a model number under it. Note it down and look it up for a guide on how to do it. My brother has a PCSpecialist laptop and upgrading his machine wasn't difficult, there's a maintenance hatch to remove to get to it.