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  1. Oh wow, EDIUS 9 handles my 4096x2160 video just fine with the NVidia Quadro K610M but is it actively using both iGPU and dGPU?


    I just ran a transcode to GrassValley and the CPU never reached beyond 75c, maintained 3.1GHz throughout on all cores. i7 4710MQ to note. It's not always the hardware, its the software. The way EDIUS handles my videos is way different to Resolve. If there was EDIUS Free Edition with some bits stripped out, it'd be awesome.

    1. TotallyNotGigabit


      My question is how does this even work?! Why is Resolve not doing it this way?! The spec sheet states 2GB minimum for 4K video workflow! But I'm doing it on a 1GB GPU! And its SMOOOTH!