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  1. Watching LinusTechTips' old video to do with whole room water cooling wasn't for inspiration to do the same thing in my house but rather for the specification for their editing rigs.


    The idea with the Zbook 15 G2 was to get one with an i7, a nice GPU and max it out with 32GB RAM and install a new panel with a new lid.


    I'm almost there, just lacking a 4GB video card (preferably Quadro, but if I can find a 1050 then that would be OK too), a new battery and 2 more SSDs. One being 1TB, another 250 for software, and another for scratch.


    And the whole point is to edit 4K video while having a machine I can service easily. It can be done. I'm a little bummed that LTT never covered why MXM has been struggling to catch on.