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  1. My wireless network adapter seems to be working weirdly recently. This started happing about a week or two ago. I've had my laptop for six months. Every time I open file explorer or open a context menu my internet goes down for a few seconds. I've looked on the internet and only one result came up with my exact problem, but the forum thread was inactive. I've tried using ethernet and that worked, but my router is in an inconvenient place. Any help? As you can see, after right clicking, my network stops working for a few seconds.
  2. I'm using SMB share, yes. I'll look for more information around ISCSI targets and try using / doing that. Thanks!
  3. I'm sorry for clarifying it poorly. The game files are stored on the nas, and I've added the NAS as a network drive on my PC and I'm running the games from my PC.
  4. When trying to game on my homemade NAS server with freenas, I can't connect to game servers. I've tried to connect to game servers and failed in many titles like : Destiny 2, Just Cause 4, Fortnite, etc. Is this normal on a NAS? I don't see why it should happen, and more lightweight games like Rocket league and for even GTA 5 works, so maybe there's a work-around? I'm very new to NAS and I don't know very much. (Games are stored on my NAS, not running on the NAS.)