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  1. hey just wanna ask how would you know if coolermaster mwe is v1 or v2 thanks in advance
  2. actually thats what our local shop recommended me
  3. cooler master mwe white 650w? good or not Thanks
  4. how about cooler master mwe white 650w?
  5. my budget is quite rough around 50 usd or 2,500 php im from the philippines thanks for helping
  6. just like mine? biostar A320MH Ryzen 3 2200G 1 stick of 8gb ram no gpu thanks for helping man
  7. is it silverstone brand ok for psu particular this model silverstone strider essential st50f-es 500w 80+ white thanks for helping have a good day
  8. ryzen 3 2200g ,biostar A320mh, 1 8gb of ddr4 ram, wd green 240 gb ssd, and thats it doesn't even have a gpu
  9. is this psu ok for me? I only have a low end pc that needs almost 250-300 watts of power i have ha low budget btw thanks for helping
  10. i guess i'll be taking the seasonic s12III 500w 80+ bronze atx psu then thanks for the recommendation bro really means a lot