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  1. Hey y'all, I found an Asus R9 290 GPU here for 42$, is it worth it? 40$ for GPU is hilarious, I know but 40 bucks is 40 bucks right? I watched some benchmarks and DAAAYUM BOI running RDR2 on low with 60 FPS at 1080p? This card is a monster! But is it worth to get it after all these years?
  2. ikr :(( I have an old case and it's fan placements are really weird so never tried to add one.
  3. Hey guys, I was planning to buy Tuf Gaming GTX 1650 Super but saw some comments about how hot it's getting. Is it that bad? I have no fans on my case (yeah not even one, I never need it). Would be cool if you help me out. Peace
  4. It was my first choice actually, but I found HDMI to VGA on my local store and bought it. They have same price here.
  5. Well I simply thought the VGA is an analog and the HDMI is a digital so active one made more sense. I got more answer. Thanks friends, have a good day.
  6. I have an adapter right now, it's not expensive one. Just a cheap Chinese adapter but it's working. Can you show me one of the expensive ones?
  7. Hey guys. I'll buy GTX 1650 Super in a few days and I want to use it with my old VGA only monitor over HDMI to VGA active adapter. Is it gonna work? I read something like "new modern GPUs can't work together with old monitors 'cause of them drivers." I mean, I know it will decrease the refresh rate and maybe quality a bit but it's okay for me. So, it would be awesome if you'll help me out. Peace
  8. It is about 150$. I'll buy PSU and GPU with credit card. So yeah. it is tight. The thing is motherboard is old too. It's LGA 1155 and I couln't find any nice intel upgrades for 1155. I'll buy Ryzen 5 with ryzen supporter motherboard in the future.
  9. I saw some tests on 1650s with G4560 and they're pretty decent actually. I mean I have 60 Hz monitor anyways, more than 60 FPS isn't my interest right now. G4560 is much more newer than my i5 3340 but when I look at the numbers they saying my old man is stronger and mine has 4 cores while G4560 only has 2. Again, I'm confused... Video I'm talking about,
  10. Thanks for advice but I don't wanna buy broken RX 570 like my friends did :// Buying used stuff is risky thing to do in my country.
  11. Soooo that means I'm not gonna see that 70 FPS? I know it's a disrespect to card's actual performance, I'll upgrade my PC to Ryzen 5 in the future but I was just wondering if this gonna let me play around for a while.
  12. Hello friends. As you can see from the title I have an old PC and I wanna upgrade it. I have an i5 3340 CPU, DDR3 8 GB RAM with GT 630 and I'll change it with EVGA 1650 Super. My question is how bad is it gonna work? Some online calculators say it's gonna run GTA V with 40 FPS on med https://pc-builds.com/cyri/Core_i5-3340/GeForce_GTX_1650_SUPER/0xp15d/8/100/?gameList=(1X) Some others say it's gonna run everything on high with 70+ FPS on 1080p https://www.gpucheck.com/gpu/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1650-super/intel-core-i5-3340-3-10ghz/high/ I'm really r