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  1. Cool, ty for your reply. So i'm good if i connect all my fans to my hub while using the pwm signal from the mobo? only thing would be that the 3 pin fan would run at full speed all time? Thanks for your help
  2. Hello, thank you for your reply. So, in theory, i should be fine if i connect all my fans to my hub, as long as i dont use the pwm signal to controll them? Should i just get another 4 pinned, preferably a high static pressure, fan to use the pwm signal with my hub and replace the stock case fan? As of right now, im using a fan hub similar to this one https://www.amazon.com/Cable-divisor-ventilador-amarillo-unidades/dp/B08337VNG3/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?__mk_es_US=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=fan+hub&qid=1600649140&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1&s
  3. Yes, indeed, the case is not too good for GPU temps. I'll give your suggestions a shot and see how it goes. Thank you
  4. Hello, ty for your reply. Yes, the fan hub does have a cable to connect it to the mobo. Im using a Coolermaster Q300l Case, having mixed feelings about it tho.
  5. Hello to everyone,i would like if someone could shine a light on how to setup my pc case fans with the current stuff i have. Right now i have: 1 - 120mm airflow fan, 1200rpm (3pin) (stock case fan, dont know the powerdraw from this one) 2 - 120mm airflow fans, 1200 rpm (4pin) (0.15 + 10%A or 12V (this is what the box says, i dont really understand much about power draw) 1 - 140mm high static pressure fan, 1700 rpm (4pin) (0.12amp) Sock AMD cpu cooler (Ryzen 5 3400g) (i dont know the power draw for this one) 1 - fan hub with molex power connection and conne
  6. Huh, intresting. Do you think theres a way to have the RGB on without that annoying coil whine? Thank you for your reply.
  7. Hello to all LTT forum users. Some days ago i made a post asking about a high pitched noise that was going on in my computer thinking something was wrong with it. Original post: After some nice people confirmed that it was nothing to be worried about, i didn't pay much atention to it. However, the noise was getting really (REALLY) annoying so i did some diggin arround online, settling in that it was most certainly coil whine. I read in some forums that people were having this issue in Gigabyte motherboards when having the RAM Rgb turned on, so i decided
  8. Cool, thanks. I guess i'll have to use headphones then. Ty for your reply
  9. Yes, those are my prime suspects also. Do you think is something i should worry about? Thanks for your reply
  10. Hello to all of LTT forum users. I recently bougth a new budget pc, and i've been tweeking some of its configuration; nothing mayor tho, i mostly just added some case fans and change the front IO position and cable management. Nevertheless, i been noticing that my computer is making a high pitched noise, that's almost inaudible, but is getting really annoying. I have umplugged all of my case fans thinking the noise was comming from one of them, but it didn't change much. I'm suspecting that it has something to do with the cpu fan, since i think its comming from that overall