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  1. Ah crap. Thanks. Yeah, I knew the spec just said 2 but when I saw that in the guide I got optimistic and thought I had room for a 3rd.
  2. I fell like this is probably something obvious that I'm just overlooking, but I can't figure it out so I figure it's time to ask for help. Background: bought Meshify C for my new personal build, nominally supposedly supports up to 3 3.5" drives. Got my 2 RAID 1 drives installed in the included cage with no problem, though mildly annoyed that it was not a tool-less installation but whatever. But although the case supposedly can take 3 drives, I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out where the mounting point for that 3rd drive is supposed to be. Not to mention that the hardware for doin
  3. Assuming your BIOS is up to date and you've installed all the updates from ASUS' support page, you could try to use something like SDI to update the drivers for the USB controllers and such on the motherboard. In my experience ASUS is especially bad about pushing driver updates to products after about a year or so. You might also try a different USB cable. Some older/cheaper ones don't play well with USB 3 and can make weird stuff happen. It's also possible that Dell's implementation of USB was flawed but just wasn't apparent until this point, and there might be nothi
  4. Don't think there's one pair of headphones that fits all of those requirements, at least not for $250. Sennheiser PXC 550 is probably the closest. No Dolby Surround, but bonus: it still has a mic. Surround Sound in headphones isn't usually worth it. It's either simulated with software tricks or else they have to use multiple smaller drivers for each ear, leading to a lot of compromises in overall audio quality so it's mostly only found on gaming headsets. Sennheiser has gaming-focused headsets with 7.1, but none are wireless.
  5. Either one really. The newer version is better, but still underperforms relative to comparable offerings at its price point. If you prefer the V-moda styling or such then fine, but objectively speaking they're kind of non-great from an audio standpoint when there are offerings from other makes at or below your stated budget.
  6. The V-moda Crossfade are somewhat hilariously bass-heavy to compete with Beats; unless that's what you really want they're best avoided. They sound like lumpy ass and you can do a lot better at that price point. Both of these below are closed-back, over-ear, noise-cancelling wireless designs but have wired connection as an option, and both can take calls just fine. And both are DRASTICALLY better quality than V-Moda which is essentially designed to compete with the Beats Audio teeny-bopper market that values fashion over quality and thinks bass=quality. Sennheiser HD-1 (formerly
  7. For playback of locally stored files on a PC: I still use Winamp 5.666 for FLAC playback because I'm hardheaded and haven't found anything better, and though I haven't tested it I understand it plays ALAC For playback on the Pixel: I like Poweramp because I bought a paid license (yeah, I know, it should be free but android OEMs aren't always good about including a good free one) a long time ago and it seems fine, and my previous favorite Apollo is basically long dead For streaming: Tidal provides lossless content, but requires a subscription For purchasing d
  8. Simplest way might be to mute them for the offending app(s): https://www.howtogeek.com/202404/how-to-tame-notifications-in-android-5.0/
  9. So I bit the bullet and bought a new-ish Fujitsu Scansnap ix500 Evernote Edition from eBay. Then tonight I saw this about Evernote: https://9to5mac.com/2018/09/04/evernote-premium-membership-death-spiral/ So now my whole plan is on its way out the window and I'm looking for alternatives, and may have just bought a $300+ doorstop. ? RIP Evernote, it was a great run. (Referral link removed above since I'm no longer comfortable recommending Evernote)
  10. I let my home PC sleep when inactive, and since that meets 99% of my other needs already I'd be reluctant to make my power bill take a hit for something that should be trivial for wear & tear and for eco-mindedness if nothing else. Hell, a scanner in standy is way more efficient than running even a 200-watt PC 24/7. I'm starting to feel like this might be a ready-made kickstarter project... And if you haven't looked at Evernote I highly suggest it too. I've been using it since 2010 and been a paid subscriber for 3 years now, and it's worth every penny. It's *despicably* h
  11. Thanks, the Scansnap's reputation is what's keeping it under consideration. But having to have a PC turned to catch the scanned data and having to interact with each document seems like a depressingly klunky solution in 2018. The cheap old Epson 434 AiO it would be replacing had a 'scan to cloud' function from its touchscreen that was reliably, likably brainless and only required a single button press and WiFi to work. However, the 1-page, single sided nature made it great for receipts etc. but unsuitable for longer documents. I have way too much stuff to scan to do each one manually and
  12. tl;dr version: want scanner I can feed a multi-page, multi-sided document into and hit a fire-and-forget button and have it go automagically straight to Evernote, seems like someone has probably figured this out before me in 2018 Looking for a scanner for a paperless home. Have some notes (about ~800-1000 pages, afraid to count) from grad school and a bunch of paper files (about another 300-ish pages) that I want to digitize for archiving, after that just basic home use: personal documents and correspondence, receipts etc. Phone apps requiring manual shooting each page and cheap al
  13. I don't know much about water cooling so do more research before trying this, but it occurs to me that if that's the desired color using Listerine itself for at least part of the coolant might not be totally stupid. It's basically a solution of alcohol and water and would help keep funkies from growing in the system...
  14. I thought at first the new Windows update that applied last night might have messed something up, but now I'm starting to think Folding it might be undergoing some changes since it looks like the entire website is down too.
  15. Careful with the PSU -- make sure it's a standard ATX size. Dell and other system integrators sometimes use unusual and/or proprietary sized power supplies.