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  1. Thanks, Im now thinking of not buying 3090 if it doesnt scale / pool it hardware resource. Please Let me know when you know some updates on it. ill check this forum & read any updates available every now and then.
  2. question 1.1 ; does rendering efficiency is improvised than 2080 so thats similiar to quadro in this regard, and in houdini open cl or cuda supports calculation of simulation, is enough for artists like me. if that handles similar to quadros thats great. so if the card supports this case in particular is really good for me. But as said, for some one use it for scientific calculations and so on, then they should go for quadro am i right? question 2.1 for all ; please answer my post question. does pci lanes bottlenecks performance for 3D rendering & houdini open cl Cuda ? yes i k
  3. I then have another question ; 3090 piles of Cuda Cores? extra memory Pci 4.0 all adds up, is that doesnt help to compute better in comparison to similiar priced quadro p5000 16 gb pci 3? for now i only got 2k$ where in india thats price of 3090 and p5000. Specifically for arnold gpu rendering i guess 3090 supports cause i see 2080ti does good job. and not sure for Houdini simulations like open cl or open gl im not sure how it differs but you get idea, does it helps supporting calculation of simulations. or still p5000 wins in this scenario apart from Cad & some scientific calculation
  4. Cpu with 20+ Pci Lanes Pcie 4.0 & multi Gpu bottleneck For Gpu Rendering, Will it be Worth it. question 1 ; Its said For games 2 Gpus like rtx3090 It has stutters Even if accommodated with correctly in 40 Pci lanes on pcie 3.0. so will it be different in more cores though same clock speed & 20 Pci lanes of pci 4.0. question 2 ; lets leave games which need full realtime horse power for real time performance. so now If Its for 3d Rendering using Multi gpu in same 20 lanes of pci 4.0 and same rtx3090 will it scale to support my render time of complex shaders & ray tracing.?
  5. I'm not expert, but heard from gamers Nexus, jcey2, ltt, Paul, & some info channels...each cores get data transfered through separate ram slot if its dual channel is populated. So it's little faster...
  6. @Pe-T-eR @VFX_King @Houdinied @HOUDINI_Gaming @Houdini33 @ThreadRipper96 @Pc 007 @PC BUILD THEORY @pc builder @CPU_guy @GPUAsASevice @Core Computer C @Core Center @5ghzintel4970k @STE6000 @Prakalp Jaiswal @Prakash Boban @RagunandhanM @R G B @FluiD-MoDzz @Fluid_Dynamics_Cat @Alien JR @b a c q n @Master Cheek @Maya Corbyn @I almost bought a GT710 @RTX4LYF @RTX MONSTER @Quadrok6000 @Quadro2k @Tech Addict @Tech Advocate @artistaaditya @ArtisticGoose @ParticleDecay @ParticleEffectX @particleman @Enthusiast69 @Enthusiastic_gamer @Ryzen 2600X @Moore_Tech @moorenado1 @Moorend
  7. Which build let's me to use full potential of PCI 16 multiple GPU.Not PCI x 8. What's the criteria is the CPU has to accept 2 pcie 16 cards or Mother board which has 2 pcie 16 slot is enough. I mean for 3950x is it a build allows that, if yes which is it. I guess 3960x allows 3 full PCI 16 cards with any 3 pcie 16 slot Boards. Am I right. Or left something...
  8. @LinusTech I have i7 3770 ,16 ram, inteldh61ww, artis1000 watts.yes, funny to ask I guess. as you say BUT, $2054 IND 3090 for GPU 3d renders & simulations, will it individualy take loads without help of whatever cpu. In other words all people say does it bottleneck but I don't think it's not going to bottleneck in every scenarios. Thanks again Big fan of you. Your team's great too. Cheers..
  9. As Linus and jayc2cents both said like best dyes and stuffs nvidia keep for themselves but it's heating issue solutions not up to mark. But I'm preferring for good durable one so id try not miss FE. But also from their vids I like MSI & Evga but I'm afraid it costs more...But nothing matters if it performs 3d simulation and rendering task. Waiting for some one who got those for outdated cpu and board. I have frontech 800watts psu will that be fine... I mean no 80 pluses...
  10. I'm working on Maya Arnold, blender for some works, unreal engine which has more advantage & support from nvidia, and I have to get 2d output for compositing and editing then grading, where all looks like falling in nvidia cuda and then now other supports now like Rt and tensor. I'm sure amd is good for gaming and more value for money for basic video editing tasks too... Especially 3090 supports sli or similar and it also supports studio drivers, I guess that's works like quadro...
  11. Yes But it's vram is limited for 3d works & simulations rendering isn't it... I can't upgrade it later, but I could upgrade build which are compatible later, I guess you'll agree...