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  1. Mine has actually gone down a bit after they came and "fixed" the cable tv. I was at 117 down 16 up now I'm at 93 down 8.5 up but the cable tv works perfect now. LOL
  2. I appreciate the feedback. There is a reason I am using what I am. I don't have an income right now and I'm building this on virtually no budget. I plan to upgrade components later when I don't have to worry about cost so much. As for now, I'm using what have available and that frame was free. So far I have $37 all in. If I leave the top open, I dont have to worry about cooler clearance so much but that would defeat the purpose of a SFF build.
  3. I was actually thinking of getting a pack of 220mm x 12mm x 5mm(flattened) straight heat pipes and doing exactly as you mentioned. As it happens, I am a CAD drafter and I have a degree in graphic design with a specialty in 3D animation.
  4. I am designing and building a SFF PC and space is at a premium. I don't have enough space to put a standard size cooler on the CPU (i5, i7 series, undecided at present) and I don't have anywhere to put a rad and they are too big for the case anyway. I have been looking at how laptops are cooled and thought that using heat pipes to cool the cpu would solve the space issue but I don't have any idea on what it would take to make a custom cooler. I will have a Gigabyte B365M mb and a thermal master 500w psu (for now) and I was just gifted with a Gigabyte GTX 1660 6G. The overall dimensions of the
  5. If it is not the cable or hopefully the MB, then it could very well be a bad update corrupted something. I had a windows update make my onboard ethernet adapter stop working until I reinstalled windows for the 4th time and didn't do that particular windows update and it was working fine after that. the point is that not all updates are designed for your specific setup and will often have drivers and/or settings for different hardware that will mess up your setup. I would roll back to a earlier point before the most recent updates you did and noticed the issue and see if that works before suspe
  6. I just watched the ltt video on facebook about building a $69 gaming rig. It is funny Linus mentioned getting an old optiplex. I got enough parts to build up a complete 990 SFF with 16G (4x4G) DDR3 1333 MHz ram, i5-2400@3.1GHz, 2G AMD Radeon R5 340X, 16x dvd +/- rw and 2x 500G 2.5" 7200rpm hdd in raid config running windows 10 home 64 bit. And I built it all for the time and cost it took to put an ad on craigslist. ($0 for those who dont know). The only parts I didn't get with the parts was my 40" rca 1080p smart led tv. I even got the usb wifi adapter on top too. Lol. Remember, total cost was
  7. she has a HP Pavilion x360 lap with windows 10 that I just fixed for her today too. That one was easy to fix. just reboot and download/install all the updates from the last 1-2 years (43 in total) it took 3 hours to finish. LOL. Her inspiron is where she downloads all her school files and completes her assignments since it has way more room on it. keep in mind, she is stubborn and she is the client so I have to give her what she sks for.
  8. She is older than me by 8 years (I'm 49) and she barely knows how to use XP plus I have about 3 different Vista Business Product keys/ Licenses already. I run it on one of my Dell Latitude laptops and it runs perfect. I think the vista business is based on the XP platform. I tried putting linux on it (Mint, Debian, Ubuntu) and I could not get the WLAN drivers to install so I could do a net install and the same issue with the USB install. (damn dead DVD R/W, ISOs would be so easy to use right about now)
  9. BScottRockr

    USB Boot?

    I have been trying to get my external USB drive to be bootable. I have used WinUSB Maker and it has said that the drive was successfully created but when I try to boot from it, nothing happens. I am trying to reinstall vista business on my sisters old laptop so she can use it for her college courses online. Before you tell me to go get a new laptop, I am flat broke with $.38 to my name (thanks covid) and she is not much better. it is a Dell Inspiron 1300, Pentium M @ 1.7GHz, 2G Ram, 5400rpm HDD, WLAN and a dead DVD-R/W. the USB drive is an old 320G laptop drive I have hooked up to a USB-
  10. I plan to hold on to it for several years. I just wanted a starting point to track the appreciation over the years.
  11. Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't said Hi earlier but I have a question for all the Star Wars nerds out there. I have an original Topps Star Wars collection Han Solo trading card still in the original cellophane and I am trying to find out what it is worth. Any idea? Here are some pics of it
  12. I did that to find out it is a radeon 5670 with 1G ram but not who makes it. If I can figure out whos logo that is I can find out who made it.
  13. I have an ATI Radeon HD EAH5670 1GB I think. It doesn't actually say ATI or Radeon anywhere on the card. The logo is a red and white diamond with a D in the middle. Who makes it? The model number comes back to a Radeon 5670 with 1GB ram but there are several ones listed. A little help? See Pics