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  1. Even with the hiberboot tuned off ,the lines still appeared ,again after i restarted it the lines disappeared
  2. I had this issue again,yes even in the bios ,but after resetting my PC a thousand times it fixed itself,i decided to disable hiberboot
  3. Okay so i rebooted the pc twice now and had no issues ,could it be a driver issue?
  4. As you see in the title, i turned on my PC and noticed yellow lines and a zoomed in screen,the screen wasn't frozen tho,after i restarted the PC was fine, shoul i be concerned? what could cause this ? Thanks to whoever answers in advance
  5. I'm pretty sure it is,but i can check tomorrow evening to be 100% sure
  6. depending on the game, battlefield it's at 60 max 80% ,in Titanfall 2 it's at 60 then it goes to 99% then drops again if you're wondering my CPU temp are at 57 °C
  7. Yep,Games such as battlefield 1 drop bellow 60 fps, in Titanfall 2 I get frame drops from 144 to 90 ,(I am using the NVIDIA experience recommended settings)
  8. I have 100% CPU usage most of the time while playing games,I have an i5-9400F 8gb or RAM and a GTX 1650,I did look at my task manager and everything seems to be fine there (except the game) ,I read that it can be a faulty PSU but I don't know how to identify that issue and I did try using the high performance power mode and it doesn't work thank you in advance