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Maury Sells Wigs

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    Maury's Wigs, 26 Queens Boulevard, NY.
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    Fine hair pieces for the discerning gentleman, planning cash robberies from poorly secured airport facilities, annoying Jimmy 'The Gent' Burke, and, apparently, paying two points above the vig because I'm a schmuck on wheels.
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    Whadda you a cawp?
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    Toupee related services.


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    RTX 2060
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    2tb + 500gb
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    600 w
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    Windows 10

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  1. A sad day...they will be missed (tear rolls down cheek).
  2. Where did you find that graph, Spartan? Does it have other games evaluated? It's very useful as I often find the really deep graphics settings confusing (I'm new to pc gaming).
  3. Scarcity? Either that, or it's someone pushing their luck - or it could be second hand prices really are that high for all gpu at the moment...which goes back to scarcity.
  4. The thing I want to know is how you managed to find a 3080 and a 3090? Scalper prices?
  5. Fair enough, I totally understand. I thought I'd ask though...and your internet is more than sufficient.
  6. No offence, Dan, but when you are at the point where you are playing at 720p (or less), on the lowest settings, at barely 25 fps, is it really worth it? Have you not considered trying Stadia or something? What's your internet like?
  7. I'm just saying, me personally, I'd rather wait than mess about with bots or paying some parasitic scalper an inflated asking price. The ridiculous mark up they are adding means 99% of players either can't or won't get involved.
  8. You didn't actually address the question regarding this "ini" thing you mentioned.
  9. For a while now I've had Warzone fps go up and down. Some days it'll push into the 100+ range, other days it'll hover closer to 70-80. I'm using a 2060, i5 10400f, 16 gb RAM, running at 1440p, and I get between 75-90 on average with everything turned up, except stuff like film grain, and some lowering of shadows. So, if i can get that with my average setup, I'd expect the OP to get closer to the 140ish he's wanting - he is using an OC 3080 after all.
  10. So, are you saying it does have a control panel type system but you haven't touched it? If that's the case go into the settings and try and see if there is any way to adjust the bloom etc... On the Nvidia version you can go into each game in your library and tinker with specific settings - such as film grain, anti aliasing etc... I apologise if you know all this, I just couldn't tell from your response.
  11. Can you not go into your gpu settings? Does Radeon have a control panel similar to the Nvidia one, which allows you to fine tune all kinds of stuff like AA, film grain, and bloom?
  12. Well, you have the t.v, you have game pass, you have the money, and the Xbox is there waiting. Gaming in 4k is a luxury, and I think it's very impressive. If it were me, based on everything you've said, I'd go for it. 4k is only going to become more commonplace, and if you are deadset on a console then it's the best choice.
  13. The Series X is definitely powerful, and if you must keep your laptop then absolutely I'd recommend it. For the price it's probably better than any pc and with game pass you can immediately access a large library of quality games...and it's considerably more powerful than your laptop as a pure gaming machine. I'm ssuming you don't already have game pass? If you don't, get it. The thing is, to get the best out of a Series X you are going to need a good quality television or monitor - is that taken care of? These things all start to ad
  14. I guess you could. It depends on whether you want to game on console for the next 6 or 7 years. Have you considered selling your laptop, and then adding it to the money for the Xbox, and buying a desktop that can be also be upgraded indefinitely and will enable you to exceed anything a console can do?