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Maury Sells Wigs

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    Maury's Wigs, 26 Queens Boulevard, NY.
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    Fine hair pieces for the discerning gentleman, planning cash robberies from poorly secured airport facilities, annoying Jimmy 'The Gent' Burke, and, apparently, paying two points above the vig because I'm a schmuck on wheels.
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    Whadda you a cawp?
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    Toupee related services.


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    RTX 2060
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    2tb + 520gb + 15gb + 2tb
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    600 w
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    Samsung 1440p/144hz
    Asus 4k/60hz
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    Windows 10
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  1. I can 100% recommend GT Sport. I don't know if the load times are improved on ps5, as I only have a digital version of the ps5 and my copy of GT Sport is on disc. Regardless, it's still a very good looking game on ps4 (pro) so even though it's backwards compatible I'd go for it.
  2. That's nearly 20 years old. I'm surprised it even works at all...and the fact is it unlikely to have any support either.
  3. I guess so. I only have a 2060, and play at 1440 with a few settings turned to medium and I get a very playable 75-80 fps. Wouldn't a 3060 allow him to either push stuff back to high and maintain the 75-80 fps I have - that, or keep some settings at medium and gain some frames?
  4. Lower them at 1440 for what purpose? To attain/stay at 60 fps?
  5. I have no idea what or who told you that you cannot run it, but you most certainly can. The obvious question is what resolution are you intending to play at?
  6. It looks to me like you haven't "read" the instructions. Which has left you "red" faced, hasn't it.
  7. Like Joostin, I usually have it tied to my monitor RR. That said, I did get 944 fps during a loading screen for Dead Space 2.
  8. There is no reason a new motherboard will affect a game launching. As Harai suggested you might need to re-download it. Out of interest, Warzone had an update the other day so double check you have your Blizzard update settings all sorted and correct.
  9. I think so. I played Resi 7 with no issues. There are two sorts of volume controls though, isn't there? There is the 'in game' volume and then the actual 'monitors' volume. So, one will only turn up the game but the other will turn up the game plus everything/anything else. Does the scroll wheel turn up the monitor or the in game sound?
  10. Weird, my keyboard let's me turn sound up and down...though I hardly use it. Is there another set up buttons on your keyboard you can try - i.e something other than the scroll wheel?
  11. His CPU is 6c 12t, so would you say that's sufficient to play Apex without issue at any resolution (or certainly without issue at 1080 and 1440) and setting when you consider it's paired with a 3070?
  12. Probably trying to run Control at 1440p maxed out at a decent frame rate. Marvel's Avengers is another one that is impossible for me to run with everything at ultra/max settings at 1440p and still get a playable frame rate. It's still very nice looking with stuff lowered, but there are ton of extra settings that really are for top tier GPUs only...at least if you are playing at 1440 and want 60 fps or over. Bizarrely, I've also found an Xbox one release game released in 2013 that seems very performance intensive. That game is Ryse : Son of Rome.