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  1. Alright after pushing memory the core let me add another 15.
  2. So push the memory until it crashes then try core again
  3. Like I said thats all the core can do. If I push more it crashes. Do I push mem first then core or what
  4. So I should push mem untill it crashes then little the clock a little
  5. Im using the furbench or whatever it is but if i go above that core clock the app crashes so im overclocking the memory now untill it crashes. What should I do. Do I stop overclocking the memory or what. Im new to overclocking
  6. That is my max core clock but should i overclock memory clock until the gpu crashes or what
  7. I finally saved up some cash to upgrade from my disgusting gtx 1060 3gb. I have some choices like ASRock Phantom Gaming D Radeon RX 5500 XT 8G OC Video Card, RX5500XT PGD 8GO SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX 580 DirectX 12 11265-05-20G 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support Video Cards XFX - AMD Radeon RX 580 GTS Black Edition 8GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card - Black My budget is around 250 dollars but I just want to know which one is better I want to know which one I'll get most fps out of
  8. I pressed refresh now there arnt any drivers.
  9. I found my old pc from 2010. It has windows 7 on it but it won't boot. When I go into upgrade windows from the windows 10 installation it tells me to remove and restart but won't change anything. I'm trying custom windows now and I get this error. 0x80070057
  10. Actually the black screen monitor has been like this since yesterday. It has nothing to do with the 2 monitors. I just brought it up because I was trying to tell that it's not the pc problem
  11. It shows that there are 2 displays in