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  1. So there's no point in trying to add vram?
  2. I have 3 gb of vram which is not near enough in some games. I heard that you can add vram with ram. How do I do that and why don't people do it
  3. I dont wanna use that. Its useless. Icue has more effects. Can I just use Icue and disable any other rgb controlers
  4. So I recently got Icue. I want to get rid of aura sync and use Icue but I can not control the rgb strip with Icue i can only do it with asus aura. Is there any way I can fix this
  5. Sure but do you know how to sync the ram.
  6. I got rgb strip+asus motherboard rgb and they are controlled from asus aura. I also have my venegeance ram which is controlled from icue. Icue can not controll the rgb strip and the motherboard rgb and asus aura can not controll the ram rgb
  7. I can not controll my rgb lights with icue. I can only controll my vengeance ram with icue and I can only controll my asus motherboard lights with my asus aura. They both show each other. Icue shows my motherboard and my aura shows ram too but they cant controll each other
  8. Should I place both of them in the same color or in different places