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  1. I have tried to take some of your suggestions and have improved the code of the Project (even if we disagree on necessity of router reboots): https://github.com/andyrblank/NetgearRouterReboot I have also changed the code to use command line parameters with help from the new System.CommandLine package(s): https://www.nuget.org/packages/System.CommandLine Thanks again for the feedback / peer review.
  2. I was curious what your setup was. I've used DDWRT and/or Tomato for many of those routers I mentioned earlier and had great success but both of those firmware options have a built-in scheduled reboot option too. I also used DDWRT with my current Router (R7000P) and it was fine until it decided to fail miserably while I was traveling and left my wife & kids without Wifi which in our house means without TV too. It didn't start working again until I came home and factory reset the router. My wife had to switch to an old backup router (the TP-Link mentioned above) until I got home. So I don't
  3. That's a fair point. Thank you.
  4. Actually this tutorial is exactly what you asked. It walks through installing the (cross-platform) DotNet Core framework and using command-line to create a new app and editing the code in notepad. DotNet core also has many deployment options including an option for a completely self contained exe. https://dotnet.microsoft.com/learn/dotnet/hello-world-tutorial/intro
  5. I'm curious what is this perfect router that you recommend?
  6. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. This code was written in just about an hour last night for fun so there's definitely room for improvement. I do plan on adding command line arguments so that the parameters of the router ip, username and password can be passed in at runtime allowing for things like batch scripting (or even shell scripting in Linux since it's DotNetCore) and definitely want to add more error handling and variable checking throughout. I've even found some projects that have reverse engineered the Netgear SOAP api to talk to the router so that would be another goo
  7. Technically you could write code in notepad and run it through a compiler but the advice of others on here is good. Get yourself a free IDE to work with and start a tutorial. I would recommend starting with C# and Visual Studio Community 2019. Visual Studio Community 2019 (FREE): https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/ Tutorials: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/tutorials/ Is there anything in particular you're wanting to learn how to build (ie. website, commandline app, graphical app, mobile app, game)?
  8. I just completed and tested a proof of concept C# (DotNetCore) app that will reboot my Netgear router. The purpose of this being that I can now take the exe and schedule it to reboot my router in Windows Task scheduler as no matter how good a router is they all perform better after a nightly reboot. I've tested this on an R700P but other Netgear routers should work. https://github.com/andyrblank/NetgearRouterReboot Let me know what you think. Thanks!