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    [Intel] Core i7-4790k
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    [Corsair] Vengance Pro Series 16GB DDR3-2400
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    [ASUS] GTX 980 Strix
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    [Corsair] Carbide Air 540
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    [Crucial] M550 512GB | [WD] Black 3TB x 2
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    [Corsair] AX750
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    [LG] 32GK650F-B
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    [EK] Supremacy EVO | [EK] GTX 980 Strix - Fullcover w/ Backplate | [EK] D5 X-RES Top 100 w/ D5 Vario | [XSPC] EX240 x 2 | [Corsair] SP120 x 5 / AF120 x 1
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    [Corsair] K70 - Red switches
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    [Razer] Naga Epic
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    [Audio Technica] ATH-A700 | [Antlion] ModMic
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    [Windows] 8.1 Pro 64-bit
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    [ASUS] Zenbook UX305FA
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    [Samsung] Galaxy S9+

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  1. Yeah but one needs to evaluate the 3090 as a card too. The 24GB certainly helps with professional use cases, but still, it's not actually a Titan halo product. You are right, new norms get created. What passes as halo products now in the form of Titans or 3090's used to just be a GTX 580 tier card back in the day. Then AMD sucked so Nvidia shifted tiers in chips, kept the same names and prices and suddenly we paid more for less and that same price x80 card suddenly had the chips used in x60 tier cards. Than the first $1000 GPU came out with the original Titan, but that was ok, its
  2. A 3090 is at best 10% average better than a 3080. They are within the same tiers of performance. In the past, a Titan would be the true halo product, and gaming cards like the 780Ti, 980Ti, 1080Ti, and even the 2080Ti represented a tier of higher performance over the base 80 class part that usually represented some form of performance increase value for dollar over the base 80 class part...the 2080Ti being not the best one, but still 20-30% was usually the performance uplift. So why do we keep lowering what a "halo" product is in order to justify highly inflated MSRPs f
  3. I'm happy to have a good faith discussion which is all I am doing. I am just not following your logic at all. You say this: When the conclusion to the LTT 3080Ti review video recommends the card if you can get it at MSRP. So from which lens are we viewing it? Because if we acknowledge that MSRP is a bad value, and obviously scalper prices are...what are we arguing at this point? I looked up eBay prices for 3080Ti and outside of some outliers, this isn't true. Most are definitely tacking on more than $800. So if you can find a card at MS
  4. So basically what you are saying is LMG is not allowed to have a bad opinion on a clearly crappy value horrible card for gamers (for the money) because of their corporate overlords. Got it. Keep calling that "engagement". If true it just means lost credibility. Any content is "engagement". So I don't see what you are going on about. Is it a review or not?
  5. Where are you actually finding MSRP 3080 Ti's either? They don't exist in some separate market separate from the problems of the rest of the 30-series. So if the conclusion is that if you can find a card for MSRP, then clearly the 3070 and 3080 are better choices than their Ti counterparts. And if going forward, the Ti cards are the only ones that you can find at MSRP that that reinforces the tinfoil hat conclusion that dies are being directed away from 3070/3080 and to higher margin parts for Nvidia. So either way, gamers lose.
  6. Second hand card...where did you get it? This isn't wish.com BS is it? Are you positive it is actually a GTX 560 Ti? Usually inability to install drivers and it defaulting to Windows display adapter at a crappy 800x600 or whatever resolution can be a sign its not a legit card. Though would be a rather old card to be scamming with. So probably not that, but just something that popped into my mind.
  7. $3100 in US, so you're not even getting a deal here. I would call it off until you can actually test it. Are 3090's in your area going for way more than this where it presents as some sort of "deal"?
  8. I agree. Where are there even still strict lockdowns in the US at this stage? Definitely not where I live and hasn't been for a long time now. I am still home, yes, but not from any official lockdown, more that we have a very open office with rows of desks so social distancing doesn't work. Other companies with more space and actual cubicles are opening up or have been open with capacities that allow for distancing, or else a mix of WFH and work in the office staff. All to say, I don't think that's a big source for the demand at this stage. The bigger issue is global chip shortages
  9. And of what value is that to a consumer/customer and the audience? VAG is nice and all, but let's be honest, extremely limited, so that shouldn't factor at all into sentiments in a review. Pricing is definitely screwed right now, but unless you have unlimited money like certain youtubers, will always play a factor in deciding good and bad value products. If you want to call it "engagement", that's just fancy mental gymnastics to otherwise get around a review with bad take and a bad conclusion as the video was very much a review like any other review.
  10. Lol what? Why wouldn't you just suggest buying a 3070 or 3080 at MSRP if you can instead? Both Ti cards offer minimal performance increase over those respective parts for much more money.
  11. What are you even talking about? If value is not something to consider in a review, then it's time to stop reviewing and just be a marketing channel at that point. Now Linus did mention value, but his take makes no sense. The 3080Ti is too expensive as a gaming card. It doesn't have enough VRAM as a "value" 3090. So what purpose is it serving exactly other than Nvidia trying to get in on money scalpers would get from gamers on 3080's and tinfoil hat theory, taking away silicon that might have gone towards 3080's as they can make more money from 3090's and 3080Ties.
  12. Let's be honest, there are some examples in the 10-15% range, but most games and the average is single digit percentages over the 3080. There's no "value" here any more than a 3090. Both it and the 3080Ti are bad buys for gamers, period.
  13. Wan show take made no sense. Linus should refresh on the previous 80Ti cards vs their 80 counterparts as it was obvious he did not remember and past examples didn't support his take at all. 780Ti, 980Ti, 1080Ti, and yes even the 2080Ti all offered 20-30%ish more performance than their base 80 counterparts. All those generations also had a truly halo product in the form of a Titan card. The 3090 is NOT a Titan, doesn't have Titan drivers. Its an expensive gaming card with an unnecessarily huge amount of memory for gaming. But 24Gb of RAM doesn't make it a Titan. So if 30
  14. I'd be weary of newer Cryofuel. While it used to just be rebranded Mayhems, it now appears to be something else. Multiple reports of even the clear falling out and gunking up. Saw pics of this over at OCN.
  15. The only opaque fluid I feel like trying out is the new white XTR from Mayhem's (not sure its in USA yet). Other than that, in general they just seem like a bad idea. I'd stick to either water (and instead of silver, run biocide and inhibitors in the water), or else clear coolants otherwise. Can also dye the water. Won't be opaque, but will give you some color if you really want it. I'd stay away from EK Cryofuel though. The newer Cryofuel, even the clear, is known to fall out and gunk up. The older Cryofuel was fine as I believe it was rebranded Mayhems. Corsair is als