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  1. thanks for the reply, the cpu itself is fine, it doesn't move at all. It's bascially the below the spring screws the metal moves, is this something that normally happens and you have to buy washers?
  2. I recent swapped my motherboard to b550 got a new ryzen cpu, ram and psu. So basically built a new pc. It’s being running great no issues at all. I noticed a sound the other day, so I checked everything while it was runnning with a light to see. Basically under the spring screws of the wraith cooler where the screw is suppose to go in there is another screw or maybe it’s a bearing but it wobbles when the pc is on and makes a sound as it’s moving... everything in my pc works fine but I don’t really want this to cause a issue down the line. I found this a couple days ago so I tighten
  3. So i just installed a M.2 SSD and then formatted it, is this normal for it to have a gold disk behind it, as it looks differen't from all my other drives? Windows saids the device is working properly with no issues. Hes the Image, the WD SSD(F:) is the new drive. I copied something over to it also seems to work fine. thanks
  4. I checked though and its a viable thing many say is ok to do, when you uninstall certain drivers and such. I could probably do with a fresh install on my pc anyways to my SSD rather than on my HDD, i'll keep troubleshooting for now but if it contiunes i may do this, I've have zero issues with anything else though.
  5. No i did not, i uninstalled drivers and such i needed to before swapping everything out though. CPU, PSU, motherboard and RAM. The drivers are from the card website. There was an option in device managar enabled 'switch device off to save power' seems to have delayed it but it still cuts out but instead of fully cutting out it'll sorta just reconnect by itself after it hangs for a while. I'll check the windows power setting too and then check bios.
  6. Making this post after another post on here about ethernet, but turned out its not viable to run a 3ft cable through to my room. The issue im having with wireless if what made me want to go to wired connection. But since i can't my network card is the only option. For some reason im having drop out issues, this is mainly after i just upgraded my CPU, motherboard etc. The connection will be fine (granted slower than before the upgrade) but will random drop to being disconnected, so i have to manual go to connections and reconnect it and then it works. the
  7. So I’ve looked around and can’t find a main box anywhere all the found was a master socket, could I use that? Again sorry if I’m not understanding everything I don’t know much about doing this. here is both sockets
  8. routers upstairs, so if a box like this is downstairs i might aswell run the ethernet from my kitchen to room (upstairs) thank you again for helping though! Ill have a look around for the box and then see where i can go from there, if no luck ill contact my management! thanks!:)
  9. yeah im a noob when it comes to actually installing anything, i may call my ISP and see what they say about it though i dont doubt they will charge a bomb for anything lol
  10. I was bascially looking for a workaround so i dont have to run a cable like that, thats why i tried the wall socket outlets, but yeah seeming like ill have to do that if i want a wired connection, i have a network card but it seems unstable lately which is why i was looking into this.
  11. there are to in my room with blue stickers on top of them and in other rooms aswell as a outlet in a closet which has 3 ports, would seem wierd to be phone lines.
  12. I see, i'd have to check where something like this would be, maybe by other mains. In that case it may not be practical as my room is upstairs(2 level apartment) kitchen/lounge is also upstairs where the router is, if a box connector like this is downstairs i guess it would be hassle to run a ethernet cable upstairs and at that point i might as well run a cable from the kitchen to my room.. thank you for all the swift replies btw
  13. I have a socket right next to my pc in my room, its a ethernet one since the cable clicks into it. I also have one near my router, iv'e tried to put a ethernet cable into the outlet to my pc and one from the outlet to the router in the other room? it doesn't work, am i just being silly should this work?
  14. So I basically swapped everything in my pc today, new movie b550 pro vdh WiFi. Everything seems to have been fine and I was really happy it all booted up first time, even played games with great new frame rate but one thing I noticed in the evening cause it’s darker.. there is a light on the motherboard on the lights that are used to check if the pc is boot etc, it’s a bright white light it’s the VGA one? Not sure if that means an issue? Could do with pointers, thanks! edit: just uninstalled graphics drivers (light went off) reinstalled them and now the light is back on