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  1. Tried turning my PC on after work today, and I am greeted with the same boot up error again. I had to press the reset switch twice for my PC to POST and boot Windows. This is extremely odd. I am wondering whether the motherboard or RAM needs to be placed here. As a note, I have not had a single stability issue whilst I am in Windows. No crashes or blue screen or death.
  2. I have reset the BIOS via the jumper cables and replaced the CMOS battery. So far I am having no issues but this problem is intermittent. Sometimes it boots, sometimes it doesn't. I will have to wait for the whole week and see if this issue recurs. I should note that when I power the PC on, fans go on, no screen, the mobo CPU light flashes red. Could my CPU be dying? I have no had a single PC crash in Windows once the computer is booted up mind you. The system works very well with no instability issues noted.
  3. I have an odd issue where my PC occasionally fails to boot to windows when powering my system on. I'll be greeted with a black screen and very loud fans, and the PC does not boot one bit. If I hit the reset switch on my case, it will boot into Windows fine without any issues. What component could be at fault here? Specs: 1. Samsung 40" LCD 2. Ryzen 2600X with Noctua D15 CPU cooler 3. Asus Strix 470-F Motherboard 4. Corsair 16GB 3200mhz DDR4 RAM 5. MSI RX 570 8GB 6. Sabrent Rocket 1TB NVME 7. Adata 2TB NVME
  4. What is the significance of the layers? I don't mind the SATA v NVME, just using it as a storage drive for movies and games.
  5. I currently have 1TB storage mechanical HDD in my PC but it's so loud that I've decided it's time to replace to go fully SSD in my system. So far these appear to be the cheapest I've seen so far, but I don't know which drive to go for, the SN550 (£91) or the WD 3D NAND (£82).
  6. I've just installed a Noctua D15 Chromax and my load temps appear to be higher than expected, particularly during load. I previously had a Noctua D15 standard and it appeared to be 4-5C cooler. I'm getting 73C with Prime95 small FFTs and 75C with OCCT's power torture test. 60C with 3D Mark. Typical usage I'm getting 35-40C idle and 50C when playing games such as Doom Eternal. To those with the Noctua D15, what are your typical idle and load temps for reference?
  7. Yes. Go for 750W or higher. Peak values for the 3080 can reach nearly 500W. Granted these only last for milliseconds but better safe than sorry.
  8. Typically you require proof of purchase to redeem warranties for pretty much every electronic item. Do you have an online invoice? Do you remember where you purchased the PSU from? A good retailer would have kept records.
  9. Price wise, where is what I have: Bitfinex Whisper M 750: £113 Focus PX 750: £123 Corsair HX 750: £148 Tbh I'm more split between the Focus PX and Corsair HX due to the Platinum efficiency. @GoldenLag What makes the Whisper M a better unit than the Focus PX? I was under the impression the Focus PX was a very good unit - all reviews seem to be extremely positive.
  10. I'll probably rule out of the Straight Power as it only provides 5 year warranty. I note the Whisper M and Revolution DF are multi-rail. Is this better than a single rail PSU format? Sorry to throw another PSU in the mix, but how is the Corsair HX 750?
  11. Admittedly the 'Platinum' efficiency rating of the Focus drew me to that. Out of the one you listed, which is the one I should go for? Efficiency and silence are my preference.
  12. I did initially consider the Fractal but the Focus is rated higher on Tom's Hardware, hence I went for the latter.
  13. I'm not too familiar with other PSUs so these were the ones I narrowed it down to based on price. The G2 750W is £100 at a second hand price. The Focus PX 750 and Prime GX 750 are £140. From the UK. Furthermore, how long are PSUs rated to last? Is there a recommendation to replace them every X years, or can they run until they die?
  14. https://www.igorslab.de/en/the-battle-of-graphics-card-against-power-supply-power-consumption-and-peak-loads-demystified/5/ This article and the prospect of running my 650W at 85% load whilst using an RTX 3080 scared me if I'm honest. I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay including my current PSU so had spare cash. I've also noted the PRIME GX 750 was the exact same price as the FOCUS PX 750. The Prime PX is £20 more. Which would you go for?