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  1. i have no clue why this is happening and i need it for school (it was given to me by my school for online classes) can anyone help
  2. try removing one of the software they may be fighting over control of the card leaving you with bad clocks also remove any overclock you may of gotten unlucky in the silicon lotto and your card cant overclock tldr: remove either msi afterburner or GPU tweak and remove any overclocks
  3. the reported speed does not matter if you are still getting good framerates because if it is truly running at 139 Mhz you will not get good framerates
  4. how do you know it is stuck sometimes msi after burner will not update if you reply please @ me so i can see it.
  5. I have 3 DP ports and one HDMI on my card if the pc is facing you form the left to the right you have DP port DP port HDMI Port DP Port my monitors are in the first 2 DP ports next to each other how should I do it
  6. both of my monitors are on display port and when my pc boots up I cant see the screen that says press F12 (my key to get in the bios) to go to bios or something like that. and if I press F12 I don't see my bios and nothing happens but the second I remove one of the monitors I see the bios. My hardware is a 1660ti 16GB ram 1TB boot sata SSD 2TB steam hdd intel core I5-6400 chipset H110 My bios version is the American Megatrends Inc. R01-A0, 4/26/2016. I know it is old but it was the newest one I could find. Just to clear up the 2 Display ports are on separate ports ju
  7. i got it to fix by reinstalling visual studio 2017 it ended up not being a code error i just jot a bad install
  8. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and i am getting the following errors about my code C2276, C2143, C2673, C2143, C2059 all of the errors point to this code Application::Application() { m_Window = std::unique_ptr<Window>(Window::Create()); m_Window->SetEventCallback(BIND_EVENT_FN(OnEvent)); // all errors are on this line } Application::~Application() { } this the part I am have so much trouble with my full project is on GitHub at https://github.com/TheFBIMaster/Bobcat if you need to see all the code before running run the generate.bat file it is
  9. ok thanks for the help i was pwned welp good thing i changed all my paswords fast
  10. sorry if come as rash or unreasoable i am not having a good day rn
  11. @Kilrah you would think that you would also think that i would get more that 8$ per hr and no overtime
  12. @Kilrah I know it is bad practices but i dont have a backup i know i need to start it but i am the only income for my house and i just don't have the money
  13. @Master Disaster it is my home pc and i work from home that is why also i am too poor for a 2nd pc also i assumed that because same IP and a similar thing has happened before to my work friend
  14. @fuzz0r i got something 6 values 3 registry 3 files i quarantined them