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  1. Just tried the Nightly you linked. Norton not only shut it down but told me to restart my computer. Oh well. I tried lol Thank you anyway
  2. Said it was not safe and just removed it without even giving me an option.
  3. This would be ideal. Though it costs almost double the 3080. Fair enough it has more than double the vram and resolution capability but I don't have that kind of doeee
  4. I downloaded Special K and it doesn't work with Marvel's Avengers so I went ahead and tried downloading ProcessHacker but my Norton shut it down and removed it. Not sure how you got it to work
  5. Interesting, I wasn't aware there was a way to check actual usage during gameplay. Would love to know how to do this
  6. Damn. Just played some Avengers and bumped up everything. It hit 11.07 gbs with maxed settings. Either this is the worst optimized game in the history of optimization or it's a sign of things to come. Here's to hoping I win the lottery and can buy a 3090 lol
  7. Seeing as I currently game in 4k, going down to 1440p and not being able to run next gen games, is hard for me to reconcile. I will think on it and consider your suggestion.
  8. You know what I think after I upgrade my ssd and I manage to save up for the 3080, my next goal will be a high refresh rate monitor.
  9. I see what you are saying. I just wonder how much refresh rate really matters for a gamer like me who mainly plays single player games. I think 40-60 fps feels plenty good especially if what i am looking at is incredibly immersive. Know what I mean?
  10. Wow thank you for educating me on that. If what your saying is true and having RTX on will lead to 1080p levels of VRAM usage at 4k then oh boy I am excited!
  11. Actually no, I don't have money. I had some savings that I used in conjunction with a hefty refund check to make it possible. It will probably take me months to save up for the 3080.
  12. Really? If true that is really cool.
  13. This is interesting. However the scaling also comes at a cost to resolution no? I have a 4k tv intend to make use of a lot going forward and I would hate to find out 12 or so months from now that the Vram on my 3080 is no longer enough for 4k ultra settings.
  14. I am new to the tech world but it looked to me like usage because it would change scene by scene.
  15. 5 hours in and I am enjoying it a lot. Especially visually on PC
  16. From what I gather in my research, PC versions of AAA games are usually never optimized. I want to be sure that my next video card can handle it for years to come.
  17. On 4k/mostly max settings year it fluctuated from 9.9 to 10.3 the entire time.
  18. I am just thinking about the future here. Got burned with my 2080ti (my own fault.) so I want to avoid needing another upgrade for sometime. I am worried that 2 years in the 3080 won't be able to run AAA titles on 4k max settings.
  19. Yea. F's in the chat for my bank.
  20. I would say 11gb would be enough for ANY current title. I am concerned about next gen titles which are sure to have more geometry, higher resolution textures, and heavy ray tracing. Hell I am even a bit concerned about Cyberpunk. I was playing Marvel's Avengers and my Vram usage hit 10.3gb Edit: Played just now on full max settings. Hit 11.07gb
  21. 4k 60hz TV I9 9900kf 2080ti
  22. I am impressed by the 3080 specs and benchmark videos. I want to get one but one thing is gnawing at me in the back of my mind. Is 10gb of Vram enough? With current gen games like Marvels Avengers using 10gb on max, doesn't that mean they're sure to be more graphically intensive next gen games will need even more? Am I missing something?
  23. Discovered LTT on youtube a couple months back after switching my major to IT. That is how my PC journey began.
  24. Indeed. Sucked to see him lose his dad but I think he will still get it done vs. Gaethje.