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  1. Yeah it's on sale. For ~$1500 off at a $2000 config, Lenovo has weird sales. https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-p/P14s-AMD-G1/p/22WSP144SA1 For performance the CPU which is used for virtualization and stuff seem pretty similar, since they're both AMD 8 cores. And the discrete GPU can be used to accelerate stuff. As a computer engineer I don't think I'll be going onsite, just from home to uni, so I don't need a rugged laptop.
  2. I looked at the P14 really quick and with the configurator for $2000 I'd get basically the same specs as this G14 for the same price but without the 3060 and 144Hz. And for Linux If I have an eight core I could probably run it in a VM ok. And it seems like the Thinkpads have mediocre quality.
  3. I'm going into Computer Engineering this fall and I need a laptop. My budget is $1500-$2000 Canadian Dollars (~$1200-1600 USD) but if something is really worth it I'm willing to go over a bit. I don't really know what programs I will be using for class and don't want to buy a laptop that can't run it. I heard that 2-in-1s are good for engineering to draw diagrams and stuff. Also I don't need it to game but it being able to would be nice. I really care about quality and want a nice feeling laptop, I'm used to using MacBooks but know I can't use MacOS for Engineering and
  4. I don't have synaspe and it still disconnects occassionally.
  5. Coolmaster


    Use a displaport or hdmi to dvi adapter
  6. I have this same mouse. I found that moving the bluetooth receiver closer to the mouse helps it from freezing as often, though it still happens occasionally. I used a USB extension cord to move the receiver to about a foot away from the mouse.
  7. I used 7-zip's file renamer to make the name shorter and it deleted after I did that. Thank you everyone
  8. The document is Thomas Paine's Common Sense. I guess print to pdf put the name as the first paragraph. And yes I'm admin
  9. The same one Yes, and it still doesn't work
  10. The problem is that the file has to be the same name to replace the old one
  11. I'm able to replace the file if I redownload the same one, but I don't know if that's useful at all
  12. It doesn't work either I get this message when I try it