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  1. There were no screws. It just kind of stuck to the tray like it was magnetic or something. I have a feeling I was maybe supposed to screw it in even though I dont have the screws for it lol. I tried that first command and it said Status OK OK
  2. I can kind of feel the drive vibrating when I touch the outside of the case. Could the drive be not secure and is shaking around when it spins up fast or something?
  3. Well its only games so its not really a problem if i lose any data. What should I use to check the drive? When I formatted it earlier today I did the full format which I thought was supposed to make sure the drive was fine.
  4. I just got this hardrive today, and I noticed when i am installing games, it makes a loud rumbling/grumbling kind of sound. Sometimes it is really intense and then other times it almost goes away. It is this 2tb Seagate one from newegg: https://www.newegg.com/seagate-barracuda-st2000dm008-2tb/p/N82E16822184773
  5. Ok. Thanks for the simple explanations. Too bad its not as easy as using a VPN to get around the limitation.
  6. Hmm too bad, unlimited is extremely expensive.
  7. Then why on PIA's website does it say unlimited bandwidth? Is that just because they dont have a cap, but your ISP's cap still applies?
  8. Does PIA's unlimited download work for steam and xbox games pass? I have alot of games i want to download but my ISP has me capped at 1000gbs a month. (I already have used probably 3/4 of that and i dont want to us it all)