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  1. Right but if that bit had been just a bit wider more PSU's would fit perfectly.
  2. When I noticed it was not exactly standard, I was like URGH DEEEELL WHYYY!!
  3. Alright, terrific. My desk actually has like a cupboard for PCs so it shouldn't get moved around at all.
  4. Thanks, that's what I figured but my brother didnt think it would be alright so i decided to double check.
  5. So I have a prebuilt case, dell 5680, and I'm trying to put a corsair cxf650w into it. The case is barely covering part of the power supply power plug on the back. I was wondering if it's fine if i dont screw the power supply to the case, that way I can plug the power supply into the wall? I will just be moving the pc back under my desk for only a few months until I build my new pc and put the psu in that. I really dont want to modify the case because when I build my new pc in a few months I'm going to put the old psu back in this casein
  6. Ok new problem, it looks like the power supply of the person you linked, their plug was vertical mine is horizontal, so it still won't fit
  7. Agreed, but I only plan on having this psu in here temporarily, a few months, until I build my new pc. I just got this power supply because I was able to get a better graphics card. So I'm just using the new gpu and psu in this case for a little while. I want to keep this dell prebuilt as a second system so that's also why I dont want to bother to move everything into a new case.
  8. Hmm yeah I had tried that but wasn't sure if it was fine to only put in the outer screws. So I assume it's fine to not have all 4?
  9. The black on the outside is actually just plastic, on the inside is metal. I have a little experience working with metal but not much. Alright thanks I think I might have some tin snips in my garage. Yeah if im cutting the case I might as well do it a tiny bit more so the new plug fits
  10. Also what would you recommend I use to cut out a notch for the plug?
  11. Hmm yeah I guess. Can i use my old psu plug with my new psu? There is like a standard right? My old one is alot thinner so I wouldnt need to trim much plastic and metal
  12. Thanks for the reply, there is also metal on the inside, if you look at the picture in an earlier reply you can see that there isn't much space to remove because of the psu screw hole
  13. Thanks for the reply, the problem is that there isn't alot of space to remove since the bottom screw hole is there
  14. I have a dell 5680 prebuilt pc. I am currently trying to replace the power supply but my new one, the corsair cxf 650w, won't fit. The power plug port on the back is in a different position from Dell's so the case is partially covering the power port. I think I could just not screw in the new psu and that way I can plug in the cable in the back? Or I could potentially take of the whole black plastic back part, although I think it may be pretty essential?