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  1. So the RX5700 XT that’d be a good pair with a 3700? For streaming and gaming. I mean I was looking at some that people were suggesting but like they are like 600 dollars lol I’m a lil broke but I just wanna move from console so I can improve my content
  2. Honestly limit would be like 350 around there just nothing that’s 600 but I just want something that’s good for streaming and recording
  3. Really? Thank you so much what would be a good gpu to use with the 3700x for streaming and gaming
  4. I have a b450 Aorus elite and I was looking into getting a ryzen 7 3700 and people were saying it’s iffy with the board I have so I was just hoping someone could point in the right direction I’m wanting to build the pc to be a gaming/recording pc tbh I need help with everything on it if someone could help me I would be so great full. currently all the items I have are: 220t Corsair case B450 aorus elite motherboard Ssd what I’m needing help picking out is my gpu and cpu